What’s Hot at Amazon

It’s that time again, the first Monday of the month means linking up with my friend Tanya and sharing what’s hot at Amazon! Truly my favorite posts to read because of the expanse of products Amazon has, really, I find so many great products based on the references of others!

What’s Hot at Amazon

On the beauty front, I repurchased my favorite contour stick. It really works so well without making my face look muddy and it blends like butter!

When Andrea shared her new lashes, I immediately ordered the liner and lashes. Both are amazing and will be repurchased.

Clearly I missed the memo about this rapid egg cooker. Better late to the party than never because it works so well. We’ve made hardboiled eggs and poached eggs.

I bought this drying mat for my counter. I hate having anything on the counter but it seems necessary, this, at least is attractive. It’s on the small side but I am using that to my advantage; dishes need to be dried and put away asap rather than stay there for hours!

When we went to Nashville in January, my husband bought me these vases. I searched for orchid stems at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and came up empty handed. Amazon to the rescue! I love these!

This was the last purchase of the month for me and it is a good one! If you are looking for a small gift for a teen or really anyone else for that matter, this magnetic phone grip is amazing. It’s removable so it works well while in use and then when charging (if you have a wireless charging station). It’s also adjustable and works as a stand too! For under $13 this is a no-brainer!

I Spy with My Little Eye

These are the things I’ve spied that I ay be buying! It seems I always have a running list of things I’d like to check out. I’ve gotten quite a bit more discerning in this department as of late. I read the details on the clothing I consider and stay away from 100% polyester. I am learning there are brands I really like – for example The Drop. Great quality and while the prices are a bit higher, it’s worth it in the ling run.

This dress is a linen blend and looks so chic! I imagine wearing it this summer with flat sandals when it’s hot. It is part of the try before you buy, Prime Wardrobe and is on its way to me! I am comparing it with a much less expensive version here.

Every influencer has been sharing these totes. I love the look but don’t need a large bag, I’ve gotten so used to carrying so much less with me that it’s just not practical to buy something this size. But it comes in so many colors and the more I see it, the more I want it. For now I am resisting it, what do you think?


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Until Next Time…

Thanks for stopping by today and please go check out Tanya’s post here. What have you been priming lately? Tell me all about what’s hot at Amazon in your opinion!

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