What to Wear for a Casual Date Night

Since both of our sons are away at school I often joke that every night is date night! Time alone to talk without interruption is definitely a perk of an empty nest. But come Friday night we are both ready to get out and enjoy dinner out with no dishes to clean, can I get an amen?! But what to wear for a casual date night can set the tone and the mood for a great night. When I look around at other restaurant patrons I realize many people make no effort whatsoever and that seems a shame. Regardless of the fact that my husband is my dinner companion every night, I still want to look my best when we go out.
#striped jumpsuit
That doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable or spend a fortune. Honestly, that seems to be the argument I hear often from others who ask me why I get “so dressed up” for a casual night out. Not only am I always comfortable, I do not spend a fortune and more than that – I feel confident and happy! Clothes can most certainly do that for a person – when we take the time to care for ourselves we send the message that we matter.

This year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary and we are happily married. There are certain cornerstones of a marriage we both believe in but I also feel it is important to date your spouse. Take the same time and care you took when you were dating, relationships require attention.

So take a look at what I wore for our casual date night on Friday. It is steamy hot already here in Orlando and my husband and I love dining outside. We decided on a Thai restaurant on Park Avenue in Winter Park. We wanted to be able to stroll the beautiful street after dinner and sit on a bench in the park and talk. One of us wanted to bring the camera and have her photos taken somewhere besides the street in front of our house. Spoiler alert: that was me!#striped jumpsuit

This jumpsuit checks all the boxes. It’s lightweight so I wasn’t hot. It looked great with my comfortable wedges so I could walk after dinner and not head straight back to the car. Just added a few accessories – including my rattan circle bag (similar) and voila – done! The jumpsuit itself is like wearing pajamas – soft cotton and it’s not fussy at all. One piece of clothing – so easy to wear! Trust me I was very bit as comfortable as my fellow diners who wore shorts and tee shirts. Did I mention it is under $25? Yessssss!#striped jumpsuit

This particular jumpsuit is one I had my eye on and thought of often. I wasn’t sure it would work on me because of the tie at the waist. Another consideration for me is the bra situation. I prefer a regular bra and this jumpsuit requires a strapless one.  Carrie recently shared that she got the pink and white so I decided to take the plunge – I’m glad I did! BTW, I am wearing it in a medium.

There have been reports that the fabric is thin and is see through. Not a problem with my favorite underwear. If you haven’t tried these yet do yourself a favor. I had my husband take this picture so you can see – no VPL!#striped jumpsuit

If you want to take things further than your standard casual look, there are a few little details you can add. Suppose you want to draw attention to certain parts of your outfit. Pieces from MODU Jewelry are a tried and tested option that adds a touch of glamor to every outfit without going overboard. These versatile options find the perfect balance between fancy pants and everyday style. So, they won’t look out of place on your casual date night. Once the big events of the season roll around, you’ve also got a stunning piece that you can match with your favorite evening dress. 

So, do you believe in dating your spouse/partner? What do you wear for a casual date night? Need some ideas? Check out these options:

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