What I Wore in San Francisco

Well I did it! I packed everything I needed in my carry on suitcase. On Monday I shared what we did each day here. Today I thought I’d let you know what I wore and how I achieved getting everything in my carry on. Before we get into it though here’s a little something I want you to remember: my husband and I have the very same suitcase and my son Collin has almost the very same one but it’s dark green. Store that little nugget, would ya, it’ll be handy later.Anyway, my toiletries were neatly packed and pared down considerably to fit into a one quart size bag. Feeling triumphant I sailed through the TSA, btw, Orlando doesn’t make you take your shoes off any longer and no one cared about my one quart bag! Had me thinking I could have brought more, oh well! Here I am, ready to board! Oh, the joy! That joy lasted only a few minutes. As I was boarding the plane one of the agents stopped me. Me! She said my suitcase was too large and needed to be checked. This might be a great time to retrieve that little nugget about my husband’s suitcase and Collin’s. They continued to board the plane while I was stuck in time out. It ended just fine, United checked my bag as a courtesy aka they didn’t charge me.
Enough of that, let’s talk about what I wore. While I had planned to wear my Skechers pretty much exclusively, I got blisters on the backs of my heels a few days earlier so there was no way I could wear anything with a back. The day before we left I snagged a pair of these sandals from Target and they turned out to be a lifesaver. Carrie and Andrea both have them and based on what they said I decided to go for it. I was desperate.
Once we arrived and I retrieved my suitcase from baggage claim we embarked on our adventures! The new sandals proved to be a great investment. Day one was actually a little warm and I started to wonder if I packed correctly.
Day two was considerably cooler. The wind was crazy and I kept my jacket on all day along with my scarf. I changed before we headed out that night to meet Lisa! I changed into a sweater, added my olive jacket and of course kept the scarf. I was surprised at how cold it got at night! By the end of the night all the walking had rubbed a blister in between my toes. Thank goodness Lisa suggested the heavy duty blister cushions from the drugstore. Here’s another little nugget for ya: San Francisco has 134 Walgreens stores and only 130 Starbucks. Apparently everyone needs bandaids and blister cushions more than coffee, lol.  I pretty much made a daily stop at Walgreens to buy either more blister cushions, socks (I only packed no show socks big mistake), etc.
So by day three I was really desperate to wear my Skechers. The day called for lots of walking so I layered blister cushions and socks and made it! I wore my olive utility pants, my gingham shirt, my scarf, and my cardigan. Disclaimer: I was freezing and ended up buying a hoodie. I wore it over everything else!
Day four was the day we rode bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge and hiked Muir Woods. I wore my black joggers, black criss cross tee, another scarf, and my new hoodie! Once again I layered on the blister cushions!

Day five was so cold! We were headed to do a little shopping and then on to Alcatraz. I was miserably cold the entire day! I wore my olive utility pants again but added a lightweight sweatshirt type top. My hoodie stayed on the entire day along with my scarf and by the time dinner rolled around I added another sweatshirt! Seriously it was that cold. See how my socks are showing?  I would NEVER do that normally but I was desperate for comfort and left all vanity aside (well as much as I’m willing to anyway).
For the ride home I wore my jeans again. This time with my short sleeve pink gingham peplum top and my olive jacket. While I was cold in San Francisco I knew I’d be boiling once we arrived home. I was right! Oh and the San Francisco airport required us to take our shoes off and hand over our quart sized bags! Guess what else they required? My husband and I both had to check our bags.  This time was not complimentary aka cost us $50! Collin (with the same bag in a different color btw) was fine carrying his bag on.
Before we left for the trip I purchased a new crossbody bag from TJ Maxx. I almost didn’t buy it because it was $49.99 but it seemed to be the perfect size and it was so soft. Turned out to be a great decision! It came with a small wallet and two straps – one colorful and the other matched the color of the bag. I love the colorful one!
This was one trip that I did not overpack for – in fact I wore everything except a black tank and the booties I brought.
I have to say the very best thing I did was this post on what I was planning to pack. Thanks to the feedback from all of you I made some major changes! My initial packing list would have never worked. I think it’s safe to say that when visiting San Francisco the only shoes you need are sneakers or Birkenstocks. I learned a lot from this experience and I hope that maybe this will be of some help to you!
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I’ll see you back here Friday for my Friday Favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by, I so appreciate it!

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