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Our first Ageless Style Link Up theme this year came from our very stylish friend Julia. Have you checked out her blog yet? I love her confidence! But back to today. Julia asked us to discuss what ages us and why. I’ll admit I was stumped at first but then the words I often utter reminded me of two things that definitely age me.

I miss my younger eyes!

At 51 I will most honestly say I am happy with myself overall. I eat well and take care of myself. I have not had any major weight gains or losses (side note: I consider major to be 20 pounds or more), I exercise regularly and strenuously. Also? I am no frump. But one thing you’ll hear me say is that I miss my old eyes and my old feet. Those two things age me!

Not how I “see” myself!

Let me explain. I NEVER needed glasses until I was in my 40’s and now I can’t read anything up close without assistance. I do have contact lenses and they are pretty good but I don’t wear them everyday. A progressive lens contact prescription is tricky. You have to compromise – do I want to see up close really well or distance? Also? My distance vision needs very little correction so if I am wearing glasses I often take them off unless I am reading. It’s a hassle. I feel old when I see myself in glasses because it’s not what I am used to seeing – not at all how I identify myself.

Gone are the days I bought shoes based on what they looked like. Nowadays (ugh, that makes me sound old, lol!) I have to consider comfort as well. Everyday I look at my feet and seem to notice something else and it is frustrating. In fact when I get dressed for the day I have to consider my feet first. How much walking will I do? Do these shoes hurt the balls of my feet after awhile?Boho Top + Snakeskin Booties

I am a heels girl – nothing makes me happier than grabbing a pair of heels and throwing them on with an outfit. It’s how I do me. I owned pumps in every color back in the day but no longer. My once very narrow feet are now wider thanks to bunions and age. So when I do find a shoe that works I buy it and if it comes in more than one color I say the more, the merrier!

Shoes are funny. I don’t wear just one brand and while I usually have to avoid less expensive shoes there have been many times Target has pleasantly surprised me. So for me it’s all about the fit. On the upside – I have fewer shoes in my closet and no longer grab sale shoes so I guess that’s a good thing, right? 

I lived in these Target wedges all summer and they were so comfortable!

I have had great luck with brands like Sofft in fact I bought these pumps last year and I am currently watching these because I know I will eventually need to replace my current open toe booties. Have you tried this brand?

So at the end of the day, here’s where I am – I am happily 51 years old and I do believe age is just a number. I will keep doing my best to take care of myself so I can live a happy and full life – even if it means I am wearing glasses and flat shoes!

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