Weekend Wrap Up – It Was a Chilly One!

A cold front came through and our temperatures dropped severely. When a cold front comes through Central Florida it brings lots of wind – and that makes it bone chilling. The theme for the weekend was trying to stay warm because it was a chilly one!

I pretty much had a fire burning all weekend!

Friday started off like any other day. Up early and out the door to bootcamp class. It’s the best way to get my day started; I feel so awake and energized once it’s over. Then work. For the next several Fridays I am working with two other counselors conducting trainings on Youth Mental Health First Aid. The trainings are done via Zoom and are every bit of 4 hours long. You know how when you attend a training and you are hoping the trainer goes over the agenda and tells you it is likely you’ll end early? Yeah, that doesn’t happen with this one. In fact we need more time. Anyway, this is my set up for the training. Presenting from one laptop and reading the training materials and script from the other.

I did manage to get out of the house afterwards to run a few errands. That was nice and a great way to clear my head after all that talking!

After dinner, I made this recipe in the crockpot after Laura shared it last week, we went to watch my niece’s lacrosse game. We hadn’t been to a game in over a year so while it was great to watch, we nearly froze! Low 50’s and windy is NO JOKE for us.

Saturday I was up early and started painting my antique secretary desk. When we did our bedroom and bathroom reno it found a new home in my dining room. With the new, more colorful decor in that room it needed a new life. I used Dixie Belle mineral paint in the color In The Navy. I sprayed the hardware a brighter gold and bought this stick on wallpaper for the inside. I was unable to get a proper Before picture because my husband started taking it apart the minute I said I was going to start painting it!

The painting process is very quick with this type of paint. No priming, no taping off things – it washes off easily and is mistake proof. I laid the pieces out on drop clothes and painted away while listening to a podcast.

Once the paint was done I ran errands. I don’t shop at Aldi often enough but I am going to start shopping there more often. The prices on their organic meats are so much better! Then I ran over to Marshall’s and Sprouts before heading home.

I attempted to make Keto lemon bars. It went well until I used coconut flour in place of almond flour in the filling (I ran out and in a pinch thought maybe it wouldn’t hurt. Anyway, don’t do that. The two are not interchangeable.

I ended up out again, this time to Lowe’s, Michael’s and then the Walmart Neighborhood Market (to buy almond flour). The rest of the afternoon was spent walking the dog, taking a bath, and watching tv.

Saturday night we had tickets to see The Hitmen in Clermont (about an hour away). My husband found out about this on Friday and asked if I wanted to go. It was a great concert – the members of the band have all played with some big artists over the years. They played music from Journey, Toto, Elton John, Billy Joel, The Alan Parsons Project, Cheap Trick, Styx, Foreigner, and more. The Clermont Performing Arts Center did a great job of social distancing and I enjoyed not being on top of others (I hate crowds).

Sunday I was up early – 5:30am. Why??? The dog needed to go out and then I couldn’t fall back asleep, so up and at ’em! Probably a good thing – I had a lot to do. We were invited to my brother’s house for lunch at 1pm and I had stuff to do. I worked on the blog, did some baking and finished up my painting projects. I also decided to paint another piece of furniture too! Check out the before and after.

We ended up not going to church. I had vertigo and felt nauseous. No fun at all. We did make it to my brother’s house and although we had a great time we didn’t take a single picture! I hope you had a great Easter and spent time with those you love.

This week will be an exciting one. My best friend’s daughter is getting married and both of my boys will be home for the wedding. It’s Friday night and we are all very excited! Have a marvelous Monday friends!

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