Weekend Wrap Up – Getting Down to Business Edition!

Hello Monday! Here’s hoping your weekend was filled with all the sorts of things you needed to recharge your batteries and make the most of every day this week. It’s funny because my weekends usually don’t include grand plans but I get giddy on Friday afternoons when I log off from work – even though I have zero plans, are you that way too? I’m linking up with Tanya, Heather, and Johanna.

I’ll tell you what a weekend is sister, it’s THE BEST!


I spent the day doing my usual activities – back to the gym for the 5:30am boot camp class and then work. The mail was the high point of the day however. I ordered this shirt and it is perfection! It’s still on sale and comes in white and black. I also bought this bag. It is perfection – I love the color and size. When I purchased the strap I never thought I’d buy the bag – it was too pricey. But one thing I’ve learned about myself is that sometimes I just need to get the actual item I want rather than buy a bunch of dupes that end of costing more than the original. I do that far too often but I’m learning!

Friday night was filled with lots of business activities. I am launching my private practice in February and there is so much to do! Let me catch you up. I’ve been a licensed mental health counselor since 1997 but stopped practicing when I stayed home with my boys and then became a school counselor. The hours were better and it was the best decision for my family. The truth of the matter is that I always wanted to be a therapist.

I do not regret for a second the choices I have made over the years and I plan to continue in my current job as a virtual school counselor. But I’m at a point in my life where it’s time to do all the things I’ve wanted and make things happen. So I am!

I’ve renewed my license for years, what for? It dawned on me that it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make it happen. So I am. I’ve been working on this for more than 6 months now. There’s so much involved from getting malpractice insurance to finding the best software for record keeping and a platform for teletherapy. I’ve decided to launch my business using teletherapy right now and may eventually rent space from someone. I’m also only planning on having a caseload of about 3 clients – not much I know.

Friday night my husband worked late so I took advantage of the time and got lots of agenda items done. I still have a few more things to do but I am on track and ready to go! The focus of my practice is life coaching, adjustment, family conflict, marital discord, women’s issues – although I have lots of experience working with children that will not be who I serve in my private practice.

I made dinner – after eating out so much last week we were ready for eating at home. We spent the rest of the night watching Netflix. We’ve started the series “Rectify” and so far so good – we both like it!


Shopping outfit of the day! Nothing is new here – shopped my closet to put together some comfy favorites. I love a wedge sneaker for a day of shopping. I knew I’d be doing a lot of walking and it was rainy – these were perfect! A few leopard details and BAM!

Similar White Denim || Cardigan || Similar Wedge Sneakers

I am blessed to have several best friends in my life. My BFF Melodie’s daughter is getting married this spring. She asked me to shop with her for a mother of the bride dress. It was an honor – and she asked me because she knows I am honest – that’s even more of an honor!

We started at a bridal shop but ended up finding “the dress” at the Dillard’s Outlet. Have y’all been to one? AH-MAZING! She scored a dress for $29.99 that was essentially the same dress (different color and designer) that she tried at the bridal shop. Of course she tried everything in her size because that is honestly the best way to do it if you’re unsure as to what you want.

Of course I bought a dress too – not for the wedding but a dress nonetheless! It popped out at me while I was looking for her. Cute as can be and gave me all the Lilly vibes – originally $118 I paid $29.99. The brand is Barbara Erickson, specializing in resort wear.

We had a terrific lunch afterwards at a super cute and fun sandwich shop. Orlando area peeps – have you ever been to the Yellow Dog Eats Cafe in Windermere? So. Good. I didn’t take any photos at lunch, I was living in the moment. Honestly, I feel so silly snapping pictures when I’m out with family and friends just for the purpose of social media. I see both sides of when and why to do it – but it doesn’t always feel like me. While on Instagram I saw this posted by one of my favorite influencers, Nashvilletash.

I saw this and had to re-post, so TRUE!

Once I got home I worked on bridal shower invitations. I’m hosting a Bridal Brunch in February. I know it’s trendy to send invites digitally but I am old school and like snail mail. I’ll be sure to share the shower with you all!

Saturday night we watched more “Rectify” and that was it! My husband picked up a pizza for himself at Blaze Pizza. I was still full from lunch and snacked on some almonds.


Sunday called for a slow moving morning and then errands. I had to return the lamps – I LOVE – to Amazon. They are just not large enough. Sigh.

Here’s what I wore on Sunday – it was hot and sunny! I’m dressed for summer, right?

I had to pick up the invitations and then head to Michael’s, Home Depot and then the grocery store. Such a glamorous life I live!

I tried catching up on some blog reading but when I went to Bloglovin this is what I got – what the heck? Are they going out of business?

Before you go…

Since September I have had nothing but trouble with Bloglovin. My posts no longer show up there and despite many help tickets submitted – I’ve yet to get a reply or a solution. Post showed up for a brief time and then went silent again. So PLEASE follow me by email, then you’ll never miss a post.

Thanks so much for reading today and I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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