Weekend Wrap Up and Concert Style

What a weekend! I don’t normally do a weekend wrap up but this one was noteworthy as we are now entering a new phase of our lives: the empty nest. It’s amazing to me how excited you can be about something that at the same time causes such sadness. While I am thrilled that my boys are both at their first choice for college and we celebrated their acceptances, leaving them is so hard.

The weekend actually kicked off for us on Thursday as Nolan left first thing in the morning for Gainesville to move into his apartment with the same roommates he had last year. They are great guys and we are happy they are staying together. I got choked up saying goodbye to Nolan, it never gets easier for me seeing him leave. Later that night we loaded all of Collin’s things into the van.

Friday morning before we left one of Collin’s best friends stopped by to say goodbye and I nearly lost it. Collin has been so blessed with great friends. As we pulled away his friend sat on the hood of his car and watched us take off, ugh, my heart was in my throat the whole time and even typing this brings tears to my eyes.

We made it to Gainesville without incident – it’s a 2 hour trip. We stopped into Nolan’s new place to take a look, grab him and head for lunch. After lunch it was move in time. Collin is living in a 2 room triple; 3 boys in two rooms. We like the space because it allows the boys to have all the beds in one room and then have the three desks and a futon in the other area. Of course that means they need to bunk the beds and we had to put in a service request for that. I should note that this could have been handled ahead of time but the boys didn’t do it so they had to make the request on Friday. It may take up to a week to get it done. Hopefully that’s a life lesson they’ll pick up along the way. Here you can see the outside of the dorm and then a picture of the three amigos!

Moving in took longer than I expected because there were twelve of us in the room and lots of chit chat going on. I am a get things done now kinda girl and had to bite my tongue so what should have taken an hour TOPS took longer but it got done. I just abhor wasted time and inefficiency. Once the move in was finally complete we took our two boys to Publix for a few things Collin forgot and Nolan needed before dropping them at Nolan’s place and saying goodbye. That part stunk and I cried a bit and I may have said how stupid school is but I didn’t really mean it, lol.

I made a return at Kohl’s and a purchase we picked up dinner and headed home. We were tired for sure but managed to watch a few episodes of Better Call Saul – we are obsessed with the show. Nolan texted to check on me and give me some advice. I adore that boy of mine and his parenting expertise!

Saturday was concert day! Def Leppard and Journey in Tampa – another two hour trip! We went with two other couples and had a great time. The concert was amazing! I especially enjoyed Def Leppard. I’ll tell ya what, the power of music is really something else. Looking around the sold out Amalie Arena in Tampa and watching everyone singing along really made such an impact on me. The songs are at least 30 years old and for each of us evoke a memory, the ability of music to take our minds of our troubles for a few hours and let us just “be” is mind blowing. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

Here’s what I wore to the concert. I decided I needed to be comfortable over everything else.

My formula was simple – favorite jeans, black tank, kimono, comfy sandals. It’s worth noting that a few years ago I would have never imagined going out at night without some type of heel on, I suppose I’m maturing.It was really hot and I did take off the kimono once we were inside the arena.

It was fun to see what everyone else was wearing! Seriously I’m not sure why we waste our time saying don’t pay attention to fashion rules that tell you what you can and can’t wear after a certain age. I’m here to tell you there are thousands of women who thumb their noses at that and wear EXACTLY what they want – and quite possibly what they wore to concerts 30+ years ago! No judging here if anything I am envious of their confidence and their ability to wear exactly what they want and own it!

Shop the look for yourself:

We slept in on Sunday and I resisted the urge to call Collin and interrogate him about his first few nights, lol. I wrote this post, did laundry, mowed the yard, swam and did all the other glamorous tasks of my daily life. Which, by the way, I feel completely blessed to be living.
How was your weekend? Are you ready for another? I feel like I am! But let’s not waste time wishing our days away let’s make today fabulous!

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