Weekend Wrap Up & A Little Bit of Life Lately

It’s been a hot minute since I shared a peek inside life on the home front. Probably because it’s not very exciting. Maybe you can relate? Do you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out, mom, if you’re reading). It’s easy to do. We see so many pictures of everyone having fun, out and about and where am I viewing all of this from? My couch. In my home. Quietly.

Honestly, it’s okay with me. I am a self-described Introverted Extrovert. I don’t have a desire to go exploring or go out on new adventures. A creature of habit, I crave connecting with people in small groups. During these time of Covid, that has been challenging. So here’s a peek inside my life, with promises you will not suffer from FOMO! Ha!!

Friday, 9/11 began like many others for me. Up by 4 am to get ready for the gym. My Friday post can be found here. It wasn’t my usual type of post given it was Patriot’s Day. I appreciate your feedback and it’s helpful to know so many can relate!

I returned from the gym at 6:30 read some blogs and then logged into work. Then showered and dressed. We FINALLY hired a 3rd counselor and she started this week. SHE is not just anyone of course, our new counselor is a former intern of mine and I could not be happier she has joined our team. Anyway she came over and trained with me for a bit in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

My workday finished around 6:30ish. I cannot log off until I have returned all calls and emails – that is my own choice of course. But I like to really be done when I’m done and not having anything hanging over my head for Monday. I kicked off the weekend with a Moscow Mule (okay 2). The boys ordered bbq for dinner and I had left over scallops.

We played Phase10 after dinner and I won. This NEVER happens btw. I am usually stuck on level 4 while everyone else is flying along. Then my husband and I continued watching Away on Netflix. Have you seen it? It is so good. Only one season so far which is a bummer but a great show. I am already grieving the end of the season, I’ll miss the characters.

Saturday started with catching up on blog comments and making my to-do list. Returns to be made and things to purchase. My big outing for the week! I planned our meals and made my grocery list. Now if that’s not enough to get you all ‘jelly’ I don’t know what is (Mom – jelly is slang for jealous). *sorry I have to add notes for her or she’ll text me later*

Last week I ordered this pink dress from Loft. It’s from the Lou & Grey line. I adore this dress and wore it with my leopard platform wedges. You might be able to find this dress online or in-store on clearance. It runs large – I am wearing an XS so if you order it, size down!

Similar Dress || Shoes || Bracelets (Gold) || Colorful Bracelets || Similar Monogram Necklace

My husband ventured out with me and one of our stops was our local mall. I had a coupon for Bath & Body Works and needed to stock up. They’ll only allow 15 people in the store at a time so I had to wait in line.

While at the mall we came upon a new business. Penguin Point Productions offers is a live theater. We stopped in to check it out and ended up going to a show Saturday night with our friends, Melodie and Steve. We saw Lifespan of a Fact. It was fun, we did have to keep our masks on during the show but it felt so good to get out and so something!

Sunday I hot the grocery store and then came home and did some baking. I made Keto Pumpkin Spice Scones and Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Then ran some errands with my son.

The rest of the day was laundry and Netflix. I really do believe all weekends should be three days, don’t you? Two just isn’t nearly enough. What would I do with an extra day? Sleep in, maybe? I don’t know for sure but I’d like to figure it out, how about you? Did you have a great weekend?

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