Weekend Favorites

Welcome, friends! Today I am sharing with you all my weekend favorites from last weekend! Not sure how you feel about it but May is flying by and I am trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.

Weekend Favorites

My favorite weekends are those filled with friends and family. As much as I love a low key one without much on the agenda, I am most happy when we go from one soul nurturing thing to another. A few months ago I made sure we had fun plans to look forward to since I knew we’d be coming off the high from the previous weekend when both of our sons were home. I’m also past the point in my life where I am waiting for other people to celebrate me. I don’t mind at all making plans and reservations for things I want to do rather than waiting for someone to surprise me or read my mind. Mother’s Day is one of those days that can be hard for many and I refused to sit around feeling sad – totally not my style.

Friday, May 10

The day started as most Fridays do with my early morning work out and walk with my friends. This is always the best way to begin my day. The rest of my morning was not the usual though. My virtual school hosts local meet ups at Panera locations all over the state for teachers and staff. It’s fun to see faces in person that I don’t get to see on a regular basis, that’s the downside of working virtually.

I am blessed to work with these ladies! On the far left is my co-counselor who just happened to be my intern YEARS ago, that’s one of our art teachers in the center. We have been friends for more than 20 years! Our kids went to preschool together!

Friday night we had dinner with friends from when I worked at WW. I was a leader for 15 years and made some great friends! My sweet friend Mary lives in TN now but whenever she comes to town we have dinner. BTW, she is about to turn 94! She is amazing!!

Saturday, May 11

Like I mentioned in last Friday’s post, a friend from church lost her precious husband suddenly. I volunteered to help get the reception ready after the service so that’s where I spent my morning. It was tough! But what a life well lived and loved by so many people, this man was certainly special.

Saturday night we had tickets to a play at a local theater. I had no idea what the play would be about or if it would be any good but I told my husband months ago I wanted to get tickets! Turned out to be a great show and I am so glad we went. Our best friends came too and we had a yummy dinner prior to the show. That was just exactly what I needed!

Sunday, May 12

Waking up on Mother’s Day knowing we had plans for a yummy brunch was wonderful! I got up early and went for my walk (I missed it on Saturday). I was reminded of how beautiful the world is! This picture was taken with no filter and no editing!

I came home and got ready for brunch. My husband and I treated my mom to a new to all of us place. It’s a restaurant with live Jazz music. The food was delicious and it was fun to go to a new place. I had made reservations well over a month ago. It was nice to walk right in and be seated without having to wait in a crowd on such a busy day.

After brunch we ran a few errands before returning home. If you follow me on Instagram you know I treated myself to 3 new things from Loft! Their 50% off sale was too good to pass up and I bought the pieces I couldn’t get off my mind!

I ordered two necklaces from Amazon and they arrived on Sunday. Lately I’ve been seeing this trend – a colorful beaded necklaced layered with a gold one. This is a nice, affordable way to participate in the trend. P.S. I like using this little gadget when wearing multiple necklaces, it makes things so much easier. It’s also a great idea for anyone with arthritis in their hands. Fastening necklaces can be hard!

That’s a wrap on last weekend. This week has been a rough one with my full time job. I’m feeling a bit beat up but that happens sometimes. I’m rallying though and I am very happy it’s almost over! This weekend we are attending my niece’s dance recital and I cannot wait to see her perform!

I hope you are looking forward to the weekend and that you have time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Do you have any fun plans?

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