Warm Weather Wardrobe Essential: White Bottoms

By now you are probably feeling changes in the weather and the warming trend has you thinking of all the fun spring and summer festivities. It’s safe to say things look remarkably different than they did last year and maybe now you are taking stock of what’s in your wardrobe. Today I am kicking off the first in a series of warm weather wardrobe essentials by focusing on white bottoms. Let’s talk about the white bottoms you’ll need to round out a wardrobe that works for every occasion and will hopefully help you achieve a closet that will never have you saying, “I have nothing to wear”!

White Pants

A great pair of white pants is most definitely an essential. They allow us to wear all the cute and colorful tops as trendy as they may be. Investing in great a pair of white pants is a good idea. You can wear them year after year and simply update your wardrobe by adding fun new tops.

I recommend a straight leg pair of white pants like these from Chico’s. They can be cuffed or worn longer, the fabric is thick enough that they aren’t see through and they conceal any bumps or lumps (we all have them btw).

Chico's White Pants + Traget Green Gingham Puff Sleeve Top
Blouse || Pants || Similar Shoes || Similar Bag

In a professional environment I love the idea of a white dress pant. Express makes my favorite slightly flare legged pants – this is the classic editor style that I found on Poshmark (after I donated my original pair so foolish!). Again, this style is timeless and creates a flattering silhouette. This pair is similar and also from Express.

White Denim

In warm climates like mine, the window for wearing white denim closes quickly once summer hits. So spring is the time I try to wear my white denim as much as possible. Dressed up or down, I say if you buy just one pair this year make sure they are slightly cropped – not capri pant length- just slightly cropped. Why? Well, this allows you to wear a heel or a sneaker or flat. Two styling options from juts one pair of white denim so you don’t have to have multiple pairs. I think a great pair to try would be these Chico’s no stain girlfriend jeans – I cannot tell you how many times I have stained white denim beyond repair!

Black puff sleeve top + White Denim + Pink Pumps
Similar Top || Similar White Denim

White Shorts

White shorts may seem a no brainer, but how many do you need? I say two. One longer in length and one shorter. If you only want one pair, go with the longer length. They can be worn multiple ways – dressed up or down but you’ll achieve a more elegant and sophisticated look while doing so. Let the twentysomethings wear the bootie shorts!

My favorite longer length shorts are these by Chico’s. I love that they pull on creating a much smoother fit with no buttons or zippers. They are also incredibly comfortable which is always a win!

White Shorts + Pink Scroll Tunic Top
Blouse || Shorts || Similar Shoes

My favorite shorter length white shorts are from Target. I would never dream of wearing these anywhere except to run errands or around the house. Of course this is a personal decision and for me it comes down to how I feel about my skin. At almost 53 my skin is not as firm as it once was and I feel better in a longer short. So why do I think we even need a shorter version? Comfort. Why not? I’ll wear them around the house, I’ll wear them to the grocery store, etc. but when I go out I want to look my best so I opt for a different look. I hope that makes sense!

White short shorts

I decided not to include skirts mainly because I don’t own a white skirt; therefore I don’t consider it essential. I opt for dresses more than skirts so you can look forward to that topic as part of this series. I hope you found this post somewhat helpful in evaluating your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Figuring out what pieces need replacing can help you put together a list and stick to it so you make fewer impulse purchases.

Make this Monday a great one friends, and be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this post and if there are other topics you’d like to see me address. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by today!

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