Wardrobe and Fitness Mishaps That Can Have Long Term Consequences

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Are you ready to look your best? We all make conscious efforts to maintain and improve our appearance every day, starting with our lifestyle choices. 

It’s no secret, for instance, that the food you eat can have a huge impact on your look. If you enjoy wearing tight outfits, you probably have a list of foods you should avoid to keep bloating at bay. 

Similarly, you also know that tiredness and stress can affect your completion. You are more likely to look pale and tired if you don’t get enough sleep. As a result, a bright and vibrant outfit may accentuate your paleness. 

But these are simple mishaps that can be easily fixed. You may not realize that some of your beauty choices could have dramatic results. The last thing you want is to struggle with long-lasting health consequences in the quest to preserve your appearance. Here are some of the most harmful mistakes for your look and health.

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You run for beautiful runner’s legs

If you struggle with stubborn fat pockets on your thighs and hips, running is one of the most effective exercises to reshape your legs. It requires commitment, but with dedication, you can tighten your leg muscles and achieve dream-worthy legs. 

However, before signing up for your first half marathon, you need to be careful about your running form. High impact sports, such as running, can affect your tendon, leading to knee or arch tendon pain. If you develop pain in those areas, it is essential to take a break before things can get worse. You can tame pain with taping and targeted rehab, such as using plantar fasciitis taping seen here for the foot arch tendon. If you ignore issues, it can lead to serious degenerative changes, including chronic pain. Professional physiotherapy can also help address weaknesses that can contribute to pain. In other words, you should not pay for beautiful legs with lasting pain! 

Your bra is cute but uncomfortable

You would be surprised to know that you’re not the only one. Approximately 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, and 70% of them wear a bra that’s too small. The problem is that discomfort is only one of the issues you might face. Wearing a smaller bra can be an easy mistake, depending on the shape and style you prefer. 

But if you can’t wait to get back home to remove your bra, chances are that it doesn’t fit you properly. Wearing a smaller bra can lead to rib cage pain, especially if the bra is too tight. If you have fragile bones, you could even cause microfractures in your rib area due to an uncomfortably small bra. Chafing and skin abrasions are also frequent issues with tight bras. This could put you at risk of severe infections if bacteria on the bra repeatedly rub onto the chafed skin. 

You need to get your bra size checked at least once a year to make sure you can get the support your need safely and comfortably. 

Skinny jeans make shapely legs 

There is always room for a pair of skinny trousers in your wardrobe. Paired with cute boots and a long sweater, your skinny jeans can make an easy casual outfit. Wear it with a bodysuit, a blazer, and a pair of heels for a night out. But, be careful not to wear your skinny jeans on repeat. Wearing tight jeans can restrict blood circulation in the lower body, causing blot clots. It’s also linked with joint issues, as tight trousers can force an abnormal posture. 

Does it mean you should ditch your tight jeans? Not necessarily! You need to select materials that move with you, such as high-stretch jeans that sit comfortably around the hips. 

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Shapewear is a confidence boost

And it is when you are concerned about your tummy or your bottom area. Shapewear underwear is an amazing tool in a woman’s wardrobe. But, just like your bra, you need to get your shapewear fitted properly and regularly. While the garment is designed to hold you tight, it should never restrict your movements or breathing. Inadequate shapewear fitting can lead to back and abdominal pain and even chronic leg pain. Shapewear can squeeze the nerve that runs from your abdomen to below the hipbone, leading to serious issues. Additionally, prolonged wear has been linked to urinary tract infections, heartburn, and numbness in the legs. 

Ultimately, we’ve all got go-to secrets to feel and look beautiful. However, each secret can have a dark side if we’re not careful. Beauty should never come at the cost of your health. So, whatever your secret is to feel confident in your clothes, make sure you stay safe too! 


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