Versona visit :)

Today was the day my friends JK and MoJo went on our Winter Park excursion to Trader Joe’s for everything pumpkin and then to one of our favorite stores-Versona! Now, if you have never experienced Versona you are missing out-Versona is a clothing and accessory store. If you want to be that woman that is not wearing the same outfits as all your friends, then this is the store for you. It has the latest clothing and accessories. As I have said before, fall is my drought in fashion. I can get some amazing accessories so that is what I turn to when I can’t find something I like. Here are several pieces that I found today! I saw that tassels are still in and they are a great piece to have because it may look simple, but it brings something to an outfit. The next trend I saw was a lot of natural materials used for putting together pieces. I am not a fan, but it does look good on some-its just not for me. Photo four was my favorite-it is a huge statement piece, but it is super light and made with beautiful ribbon. Its a bib necklace and had it not been $39.99 I would have picked up that gem!!! #pleasebeonsalenexttime

These were a few of the pieces I thought you might like-We were on a time constraint, but that’s ok because I am running back to Winter Park in two weeks so I will do clothes that time!!!

Have a fantastic weekend!!
Fashionably yours!

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img_2556 img_2557 img_2558












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