Understanding the Different Types of Denim

When I was growing up if you said you we were wearing jeans there was no question about what they’d look like. They were pretty standard. However, in the present day, denim comes in so many different cuts and shapes, and rises. I decided to take a deep dive into the world of jeans and hopefully provide an understanding of the different types of denim.

Understanding the Different Types of Denim

To really get a feel for what’s out there, I decided to order one pair from each category at Old Navy. I chose Old Navy because as far as retailers go they are size inclusive. Old Navy not only offers plus sizes but different lengths as well. Petite, regular, and tall lengths ensure there’s something for everyone!

Skinny Jeans

If you want to get someone’s attention in 2022 just mention skinny jeans! I swear, the love for this style runs deep and seems very personal. Here’s the thing, skinny jeans are always going to be around so no one said to throw them out or ditch them all together. I think you’ll style them a bit differently to be fresh and modern, but YOU CAN KEEP THE SKINNIES.

Slim Straight Jeans || Skinny Jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are a nice transition from a skinny jean – if you’re looking to upgrade or change your style then start with these! The nice thing about a straight leg, especially a slim straight leg is that they skim the legs and the leg opening is slightly wider then on a skinny. I find them to be more comfortable and certainly easier to get on! Can you see the slight difference in the side by side photo above?

High-Waisted Button-Fly Slouchy Straight Jeans

Another option is the slouchy straight jean. These have a button fly, they’re a bit cropped, and the fit is much more relaxed. They are also high-waisted.

Slouchy straight denim

Wide Leg Denim

Wide leg denim seems to be everywhere and you’ll own a pair if you want that “cool girl” vibe! The look good with sneakers or heels so dressed up or down this denim is popular. This particular pair from Old Navy has secret smoothing technology in the front pockets and that helps hold your tummy area in.

Higher High-Waisted Flare Jeans

A flare jean is so kind to a woman’s legs. I honestly don’t think there’s a cut that is more flattering. Keep your skinnies and give me a flair! These will make your legs look miles long. This pair is very high waisted and you can think of them as the flare version of mom jeans.

Last week my favorite post was this one from Kathrine Eldridge. If you are interested in trying flare leg denim her post has some great tips on making them work for your body type.

Mid Rise Wow Bootcut Jeans

A boot cut jean is that sweet spot between a slim and a flare. They’re called boot cut so you can actually wear a boot underneath. They are a mid rise and fitted through the thigh and hip. Whatever shoe you decide to wear, make sure the jeans are long enough. They shouldn’t drag on the floor but they should cover a good part of the shoe.

High -Waisted O.G. Loose Jeans

The high waisted OG loose jeans are very much reminiscent of the 1990’s for me. You may think of them as a ‘mom jean’. They are loose in the legs and not quite as wide as the wide leg jeans. I think this is helpful for staying cooler in the heat. This pair has a secret slimming technology in the front pockets and the denim holds its shape all day!

Which Jeans are Best for You?

The best jeans for you are the ones you feel good in – no matter what anyone else thinks. Listen, I put myself out there on social media and get all kinds of feedback. One person says “you look amazing” while another person says “NO! Don’t wear that!” At the end of the day, the most important thing is how you feel because that impacts your confidence and how you present yourself to the world. If you are looking for new denim this year then Old Navy is an affordable option. And if you decide to invest in new denim my recommendation is to buy a pair that is not distressed, in a darker wash. That will ensure you can wear them for many occasions! Darker denim dresses up more easily than lighter. Do you have a favorite pair?

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