Trying too Hard?

There are so many sales going on right now and if you’re like me you are finding them hard to resist. It’s so tempting though, you see something you like and the sale price is a fraction of the original cost. In the past I’ve been known to buy something just because it was a good deal; sometimes unsure of how I’d wear it but I’d tell myself for the cost it would be worth it. Whether or not it looked good on me or worked with other pieces in my wardrobe was irrelevant – I left the store knowing I got a good deal and that’s all that mattered. Eventually many of these pieces ended up in my donate pile. Leaving me to wonder, am I trying too hard to make sale pieces work?

A few weeks ago when Loft ran a huge sale I purchased two pieces. I purchased a blouse and an off the shoulder sweater. The blouse was something I had looked at a few times so when the price dropped I could hardly say no. The off the shoulder sweater was another piece I wanted to add to my closet. I couldn’t wait for them to arrive! When they finally did arrive I was unsure about them and once again found myself asking, “Am I trying too hard?”

First up the blouse. I love the color, the fabric, the fit, and of course the price. It was originally $69 and I paid $20! Whaaaat?? Crazy good sale.But now that I’m working from home I’m wondering if I need a nice blouse like this regardless of the price. The sleeves are gorgeous but dang those are some big bells! When I have it on I feel like I’m holding pom poms – ya know, I’m finally a cheerleader (I never made the squad btw)!Here’s why I’m thinking of keeping it though: even though it’s on the dressy side and my life has taken a much more casual turn, it looks good with denim. So it is versatile – I can dress it up or down. I am wearing it with denim leggings by Hue. Super comfortable! My open toe booties work in my warm climate but if it were just a little cooler I’d wear regular booties. So the big bells stay! At least I think!

The off the shoulder sweater was a different story. When I tried it on I immediately started sweating. It’s pretty warm! My immediate thought was no way but now I’m starting to warm up to it (hahahaha).  Maybe because we’ve had a few cooler days, maybe because I’m too lazy to take it back, maybe because it was only $20. Not sure, am I trying too hard to convince myself to keep it? I’ll admit I actually like it in the photos. It works fine with my leggings and as long as it’s cool outside it’s comfortable. I guess I’m on the fence about the stripes – are they weird? I love stripes but they don’t always look so good on me.This is why I never get rid of receipts nor cut tags off of clothing until I actually wear it. I change my mind!
So help me decide, do they stay or do they go? Am I trying too hard? Do you see my little dog Sophie in the photos? Random, I know. What can I say? Perhaps I need more help than just making clothing decisions?
Thanks for stopping by friends, I’ll see you back here on Friday!

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