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Faux leather has been trending for quite some time; so much so I hardly think we should call it a trend and instead consider it a classic. Leather pants and skirts were fashionable when I was growing up in the 80’s but now with technology as it is, we can enjoy the look in a more humane way. Faux leather leggings hit the scene several years ago and now, faux leather trousers and pants are making a splash.

While I love my leggings, I am crazy about my new coated utility pants. They’re versatile and fashionable – you can hardly fear being frumpy donning faux leather. Today I bring you one way to wear these fabulous pants but you’ll be seeing other stylings in weeks to come!

Blazers and jackets are always a favorite of mine, and this hot pink number is one I look forward to wearing. It’s a medium weight – so a little too warm for year round here in FL but the detailing on it makes it one I reach for any chance I get. It has a contrasting lining of white with pink polka dots. Typically I cuff the sleeves but we were dodging rain and I totally forgot! It pairs perfectly with these faux leather pants and camisole.

The jacket is available in six colorways and in sizes XXS – 3X. It’s a classic piece you’ll wear for years to come. My Gucci belt is something I love to add to basic outfits. I gifted it to myself and love it. I think it adds a bit of polish and elegance. That may sound silly but my thinking is that investing in accessories that are timeless and classic can elevate any look. I purchased my belt on Poshmark. Is it real? Yes! If you’re shopping designer goods second hand ask for lots of photos and be sure to get a shot of the ID number/branding on the inside. The belt was still expensive but much less than if I had bought it new.

I did a bit of a half tuck with the camisole and in these photos it just comes off as sloppy. Welcome to my world – rushing around taking photos, I miss the little things often. My schedule just doesn’t always allow the opportunity to retake photos and since my photographer is not a professional, I can hardly blame him. We started the 5 minute photo session without the jacket on – so I’ll say that was a part of the problem too. Taking pieces on and off during photos has it’s risks!

The pants have pockets and zippers at the ankle. They are a slightly cropped fit but could still work with sneakers, boots or booties.

Can you embrace this trend?

I often hear from women (of all ages), “I’m not sure I can pull that off“. That is all about comfort and I am hear to tell you that if you are self conscious then you can’t. It’s not about how others perceive you but more about how you perceive yourself. My tip: if you want to try something new, do so with confidence and OWN IT! You’ll be surprised at the reaction you get.

If you’re wondering how you might wear pants like this, simply think of how you wear black pants or jeans. Faux leather pants take the look up a notch – that’s it!

While my pants work well for me, they are not the only players in the game. There are faux leather pant options at every price point and to fit every body type.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you found some inspiration for either wearing faux leather pants or even just trying something new. It’s been said here before here and will be said again, what you wear speaks volumes about how you feel about yourself, what is your look saying about you?

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