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So Friday, we meet again! You’re a welcome sight except when each time you show up it means I am one more week closer to returning to work and one week closer to Nolan heading back to Gainesville.  Boo to both! Going back to work isn’t all bad I suppose, I need the schedule and the audience. I’m a feeder and it has nothing to do with food.  I feed off of the energy of other people and I laughing and joking about what life throws my way.  At an elementary school there are plenty of opportunities for laughter and I find every one of them.  Some things I couldn’t make up!  Speaking of making up, the title of today’s post “Top It Off” just goes to show you I better get back to work soon, the wit tank is showing evidence of depletion, ha!

Today is all about this top, which just happens to be my favorite purchase from the infamous Nordstrom Sale!  Not only is the cut fantastic (I’m wearing a medium) but because it’s so colorful it goes with everything.  I love a print like this because it’s not necessary for things to match a specific color in the print, rather so many colors just go with it.  So grab a bottom and use this blouse to ‘top it off’ – haha, there it is, the punch line!

I only purchased items from the sale I could wear now and this top definitely fits the bill. I’ll wear it now with shorts and even cropped pants. Later I’ll wear it with denim and booties, and slacks. This top is so flattering since it’s a little longer in the back and the front has that tucked in look without having to be tucked in. Reminds me of an infinity scarf, it styles itself! No fussing in front of the mirror wondering if it looks better tucked in or left out – it’s done for you!

The shorts I chose are super old from Kohl’s but I love the color so much I’m always looking for ways to incorporate them into an outfit. These shorts are just like mine but not in the same color; these shorts are blue but a little shorter.  I am wearing my comfy Vionics and my Kendra Scott Rayne necklace. It’s pricey but you can still snag this one on sale.

These pants are a recent purchase from Macy’s. They are also on super sale so I kinda had to buy them. Yep, I broke my shopping ban. I lost few pounds and my clothing fits better but I still need to drop more Summer weight. I decided with a few weeks left of my break I’m going to do my best but relax a bit. Once school starts again I’ll be at the gym every single weekday morning by 5am and my meals will be better too. I think the only thing I’ll ban in the future is a shopping ban! But back to the cropped pants , they are very comfortable, come in several colors and they are under $25! BTW, they are pull on which sorta wigged me out at first but they go on super easy, I am wearing a size 6 for your reference and the color is magenta flame.  You can also get a good look at my new sunglasses , they’re such a steal!

Finally I am wearing my step hem jeans with the top.Of course I love it this way too!  Just in case you’re not familiar with a step hem I included a close up.  These also have a “tuxedo stripe” on the sides.

Whether with shorts, cropped pants, or jeans this blouse will top off your look in a fun and colorful way! Right now it’s under $30 so if you’re looking for a fun blouse to transition from Summer to Fall this is it!

Have a marvelous weekend and I will see you back here on Monday! As always I so appreciate you stopping by here and indulging me in your company.

Be happy!

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