Top 5 Sellers and Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend flew by in a whirlwind, I need a weekend to decompress honestly. I wanted to share the top 5 sellers from last week with you – they’re all so good and on sale. You might just be inspired to grab one for yourself!

Number 1 BaubleBar Sale

Starting at $10 no wonder my bargain hunting friends loved shopping these pieces! Shop here.

Number 2 Red Cardigan

Hard to say no to a pretty, festive, red cardigan!

Number 3 Bra Sale

Best time to scoop these up at fabulous prices. You all loved this bra as much as me!~

Number 4 Aerie Sweatshirt

I am not a sweatshirt person but I do like these. A lot. Apparently, so do you!

Number 5 Blanket from Nordstrom

This throw is so popular. We have two in our home and I had gifted my boys one each a few years ago. Glad you all are grabbing them too – they make great gifts!

It started with Friday – when I actually took a sick day! I have not taken a single sick day in the last three years and wasn’t even sure how to go about it, lol! Anyway, on Thursday I felt exhausted, a bit achy, burning throat – I felt like I either had a sinus infection or Covid. I know I’m not the only one who panics at the first sign of malaise. Let me be clear – I am not worried I won’t survive, I worry about the people I may have come in contact with – my mom, etc. Thank you mainstream media for igniting panic in our world. In the end I believe all the construction dust was to blame.

Another friend had to put her dog down on Thursday (this seems to be happening to all of my friends lately). My favorite way to show my care and offer condolences is with a personalized Yankee Candle. It meant a lot to my friend and once the candle burns they can keep the jar. Have you ever made one of these? They are great for any occasion.

No the one I made but a good representation of how precious these candles are!

My family was very sad about their dog; she happened to be our dog’s best friend. Which might sound silly but they were the same age and loved one another so much. In fact, anytime our dog escapes, she runs right to Zoe’s house. Sidenote: with all the construction taking place (and doors being left open) she has done this twice lately, ugh.

On Friday it looked like we were in the final stages of the remodel too. The plumber came out to do a few things – set the toilet, hook up the shower, make a final cut in the wall for the tub faucet, and the tile guys were finishing up. Until they weren’t. Once the plumber left and they started working on the tile, they heard water – and thank God they did or we would have had an issue later on. Sure enough a small leak was to blame. We had to call him back. He came back, did whatever it is you do in this situation and left. Then we noticed the new toilet was leaking. Had to call him back. Again. At this point he decided to share that there was an issue with the toilet tank and design of the toilet. He left. That night guess what we noticed? The wall still leaking.

Meanwhile many messages between my sister and I about the toilet. Aren’t they standard? Is the plumber incompetent (my vote is yes)? Long story short, he came back again on Saturday and now tells us that the leak in the wall is due to a defective part. Apparently he didn’t notice this all the times he came out on Friday? Listen, I’m no plumber, but something is not adding up here.

In the end, we have to return the piece to Lowe’s and my sister sent someone out to look at the toilet. He agreed – the toilet is an odd shape and won’t work in this space. My sister is working with the place where we ordered said toilet (btw we never laid eyes on it, because, you know, they are standard) to see if they’ll take it back – which is doubtful. So, we have the perfect White Elephant gift! Ha!!!

In the end it will all work out and while it is frustrating, it’s not the end of the world. Let me also share that my husband is doom and gloom compared to my, que sera, sera attitude. The bottom line: none of these issues is life changing; the world will not end and it’s only money. Things like this happen when you remodel and it could always be worse. My motivational speaker skills have been put to the test between my husband and my sister (she’s an interior designer). Anyway…

Saturday we had a garage sale to get rid of our old decor. My husband ran the sale and I straightened up in the house. Unpacking things and putting up Christmas decor. I had previously toyed with the idea of not decorating this year but we are at a point where it could be done and I am so happy. Our decorations are old and mean something to me, so I have happy memories when I look at them. You won’t see any Instagram Reel worthy decor here, no tree that looks straight out of a department store, or perfectly staged anything. But I’m no home decor maven and I’ll leave it to those who are; like my sister – her house is AMAZING. Cheers to Christmas decorations, friends and anything that brings us joy!

Decorating also means cleaning. My back hurt and my foot was killing me (PF in my right foot). I finally decided Aleve and ice were in order and sat down to watch UF v. Tennessee. Our Hulu wasn’t working and I couldn’t watch the game, so I watched The Affair on Amazon, and did some blog work.

Last week I won a giveaway from Jodie’s Blogaversary. This beautiful set of sterling silver jewelry arrived and I just adore it. Frannie & Elinor is an Etsy shop featuring handcrafted minimalist jewelry. While most of the time I’m a bigger is better kind of gal, there is something to be said about having beautiful pieces that are delicate and well made. Also? Their theme is “Wear with Joy” – how can you not like that?

Isn’t this jewelry set beautiful?

Sunday meant more stuff around the house – straightening, cleaning up, etc. Of course we also had to go to Lowe’s – where by now, they must know us. We had to order the part for the tub and it won’t be in until Friday, so, things are going to drag on for another week. Then I can move on to decorating the spaces we’ve updated!

After Lowe’s we went to TJ Maxx and the grocery store. Once we got home it was project after project. I feel so much better having things back where they belong. Our bathroom isn’t done but I am breathing easier now that most things are back where they belong!

How was your weekend, any highlights? Having a hard time believing Christmas is so close?


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