Tips to Stay Cool & Chic in the Heat

The first official day of Summer may still be almost 2 weeks away, the heat and humidity do not care about dates. So, today I am sharing my top tips to stay cool and chic in the heat! Let me also preface this post by saying that there are many ways to stay cool but these are the things you can do if you want to look chic in the heat!

**A little note: sorry for all the selfies and lack of good photos – I have been sick. Hope to get back in the game soon. Thanks! **

Stay Cool Tip #1 Fabric Choice

Trying to stay cool will be impossible if you don’t pay attention to the fabrics you wear. Polyester can feel like an inferno. Choose linen, cotton, and tencel when possible. I realize polyester is readily available, easy to care for, and generally less expensive but if you’re trying to stay cool, avoid it. Read the tags!

I’m loving these linen blend camp shirts at Nordstrom. I love the sleeve length, the colors, and of course the fabric. They’d easily work with just about any bottoms! Last week I was in Tommy Bahama and tried on a this linen blouse. It was $99.50 compared to the $59 version at Nordstrom. I hope it doesn’t miss me too much. Ha!

Linen Blouse + Bahama Shorts


Linen can be expensive, so you may opt for a linen blend instead. Or, check second hand shops like Poshmark to score great deals on 100% linen pieces.

Stay Cool Tip #2 Wear White

You probably already know that light colors reflect heat while dark colors absorb it, so this tip makes total sense, right? But if you still like darker colors, just pair them with white on the top or bottom. You’ll stay a bit cooler and still manage to look chic in the process!

Target White Dress
Dress (on sale)

Stay Cool Tip #3 Wear Neutrals

I cannot think of a time when wearing neutrals wouldn’t be the thing to do to look chic! So as hot as it may get out, when choosing your shorts, tops, dresses, sandals, etc. opt for neutrals you can mix and match. Not only will this help you keep cool and stylish but it will expand your wardrobe allowing endless possibilities!

See these shoes? You’re getting a sneak peek! They will be part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Stay Cool Tip #4 Find Shorts You Love

The less covered up we are, the cooler we’ll be, right? So find some shorts you love. Whether they are shorter or longer doesn’t matter. As long as you love them that’s all the really does. You may be comfortable in a shorter inseam or a longer one, just try on many different pairs until you find the ones you feel best in. I was tried on some shorts at Loft a few weeks ago to compare different lengths. On my legs longer is better, the shorter inseam really makes my thigh look bigger. Pay attention to the inseam, it makes a difference!

To up the chic factor, choose tailored shorts in a neutral color. I like to think that when I wear shorts and I’m showing skin on my bottom half I keep my top half covered. I’ll wear a linen blend button down, rolled up with my shorts. Or if I am wearing a camisole with my shorts I throw a blazer around my shoulders. That’s how I feel best!

Tailored Shorts +black top + vionics

#springdatenight #ootd

Stay Cool Tip #5 Wear Your Hair Up

Wear your hair up to keep your neck cool. Especially in the humidity, it may serve to tame your mane as well. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, maybe a low ponytail or a messy bun but it does make a difference!

In the photo below, I am following a few of the tips to stay cool. The blazer is linen and my hair is up – I am wearing shorts I love. Even if you only incorporate a few tips, it helps!

Stay Cool Tip #6 Looser is Better

Wearing something that is loose and flowy is better than tight and clingy. Allowing a little ventilation is key! Even if it’s a maxi skirt, select one with a slit at the side to allow movement and air flow. This is also why we see so many wide leg linen pants this time of year.

Final Thoughts

Those are my 6 top tips for keeping cool and looking chic in the heat. I’m sure there are more and I’d love to know if you have any. Let me know if the comments below and now, on to the link up!

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