Tips for Staying Fit During the Winter Season



Working out is very essential in life but there are so many factors that can come between you and your fitness goals. Winter is a major catalyst to toning down your workout routine and staying indoors hibernating. Working out has great health attributes apart from the benefit of remaining in good shape for persons of all ages but the intensity is what varies. The winter season is the ideal time to work out as the summer heat can definitely take a toll on your energy levels.

Here are tips to staying fit during winter and not caving in the little voice inside your head telling you to stay inside wrapped in a blanket in front of the TV.

Work out indoors

During the winter months, it is very tempting to stay indoors and sit next to the fireplace instead of going for your usual run or walk. You can substitute your daily run with an indoor work out routine. For example, this treadmill HIIT circuit from 30 Day Fitness is a true calorie burner and is guaranteed to get you sweating. The best thing of working out indoors is that you are no longer dependent on the weather and you won’t have to worry about the temperature dropping.

Watch work out videos for motivation

Staying indoors all the time cuddling and sipping hot tea or coffee can and will push you to hibernation mode since there is no inspiration to work out. Thanks to YouTube and a couple of other websites made by body supplement companies and gym instructors will do just the trick. Consider watching workout videos that will serve as inspiration. Who knows, you might wake up the following day gassed up to do rope skipping or squats depending on what work out routine works out for you.

Bundle up and go walking in the snow

Bundle up and take a walk in the snow. Walking in the snow is quite hard and therefore you will definitely break a sweat. As you struggle to lift your leg after it sinks in the snow and make the next step, you burn tons of calories, which is the main goal of working out.

Go ice-skating

Ice staking is a great aerobic work out routine besides being a great opportunity for social connection. In some arenas, it is free of charge during winter since there is snow everywhere! There nothing more fun than ice-skating, even if you’re a beginner.

Climb the stairs

Your house is a hotspot for places and things you can use to your advantage to work out. Running or walking up and down the stairs, several times every day is an incredible and intense form of cardio and workout for the legs. Do it in intervals while taking rests after a set or two.

Take advantage of daylight hours

Darkness sets in quite early during winter and we all know that we can hardly get much work done at night. Instead, take advantage of the daylight and indulge in as much work out activities as you can. This is so because nights are much more cold compared to daytime and this can inhibit you from working out at all.

Last but not least, do not forget to warm up and down before and after workout sessions. Stretch those muscles gently as they are delicate when the temperatures are low. Afterward, take a nice hot shower and enjoy the rest of the day satisfied with yourself.

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