This Week…

This week found me appreciating several things and wanting to share them here. Starting with a beautiful day while out for a walk. Seriously, no filter needed, no editing of the photo:

I’ve been off all week and have enjoyed daily walks. It’s hot and the humidity is insane but there is still beauty to be found. I need to remember that!

Reading this week…

Time off from work means I have had more time to read. Whenever I hear about a good book I request it from my library. My library offers home delivery, you just request a title and enter a date you’d like it by. It’s a surprise when the book arrives at my doorstep! I finished Ugly Love by Collen Hoover – it was so good! Now I’m reading Sally Hepworth’s The Younger Wife. Have you read either?

Shopping this week…

This week kicked off the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, are you tired of it already? It’s the sale I love to hate and feel it is way overrated. Regardless, there are some deals to be had and while I won’t be doing a dedicated post, there are some things I recommend. Like my Vionics! They have not been available for purchase until now. Mine were gifted to me by Vionics but if you’re looking for comfortable heels get these. You’ll save money buying them now. The slingbacks are so classic and stylish. The flipflops are a great way to introduce your feet to the world of Vionics.

I get to shop the sale tomorrow and here is what I’ll be buying: this bra, this bra, these underwear, possibly this eye brightening duo, and this top. I am considering this blazer and these pants as well. The bras are ones I wear all the time and grab when they’re on sale. I love the underwear because they are one size, comfortable, and no VPL!

Did you have any favorites from this week? I wish you a great weekend, one filled with time to relax and recharge! Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time here today.

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