The Most Fashionable Cities in the World to Visit

The fashion capitals of the world have long been Paris, Milan, London and New York. But, they have now been switching and rotating thanks to Brexit and the rise of Asian and Latin American designers. Now, consumers are looking for something different. Fashion and travel are often 2 things that go together, so be prepared to see these new cities stylishly and with curiosity in mind!

Here are a few of the most fashionable cities in the world to visit:


Bogota is a city that is rapidly growing and thinks it’s one of the emerging megacities in the world. Latin American fashion traditionally consists of color and gorgeous fabrics, and the fashion in Bogota is typically formal and sophisticated. Now designers from Bogota are appearing in Milan and New York alongside some of the industry’s top talent.


Copenhagen is a city to visit, with it being set on the islands of Zealand and Amager and having a quaint, but proper city feel to it. It is a spot where street style is consistent and the fashion press has been drawn towards the streets of Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen for notable inspiration and consistent fashion trends. Danish style is effortless and casually sophisticated, with minimalist pieces and muted colors. Time spent in Copenhagen will have you inspired to up your street style and focus on your natural beauty.


German fashion has made its play, with clean lines and a casual but cool aesthetic. Berlin in particular has graced us with a number of notable figures in the fashion industry, including models Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer, as well as designer Hugo Boss and creative Karl Lagerfeld.

 Los Angeles

The fashion scene in Los Angeles has been gaining traction over the years, even though it is some distance away from the longstanding fashion capitals. Hedi Slimane, the head designer for Saint Laurent calls it home, and you’ll find other statement makers such as Jeremy Scott, Anita Ko, and Mansur Gavriel here. Los Angeles has always been associated with Hollywood, but the fashion here had long since been associated with tracksuits and fashion of the sort. With risk takers and statement makers gaining a presence here, the fashion in Los Angeles has gained some major momentum and makes it a spot to visit.


The fashion industry in China has made significant developments along with its economic development. Global fashion names have made their way over to Shanghai and you’ll see luxury global names on the shopping streets here. Local names such as Masha Ma and Uma Wang have also entered the market and made a name for themselves.

 Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg has become a hotspot for Russian fashion, including brands such as Ruban. Amongst this take on fashion and what you’ll see in the city are traditional pieces met with elegant and unique touches.

While it is one thing to enjoy fashion, you want to ensure you do not spend all your money on clothes before you go so you can indulge in the local fashion and culture as well as contribute your share to their growth.



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