That’s a Wrap and Friday Favorites

What a difference a week makes! Friday, I am very happy to see you once again and unlike last week I welcome you with absolutely no trepidation! I’m sharing some Friday favorites today and just a little update – we’ve been out of school ALL WEEK. Unfortunately power has not been restored to all of our schools so Monday is the day we go back. Please continue to send your prayers and well wishes because there are so many people who are still suffering. You’ll see in my photos lots of debris, that’s the norm everywhere. A reminder of what happened earlier this week.

First up this dress, oh, this dress.  Classic.  Chic.  Flattering, on every single body type. Yes, I am referring to the wrap dress. I adore this dress and I am currently looking for opportunities to wear it! Ha!  How often does that happen?

So last week while prepping for Hurricane Irma I managed to read a few of the blogs I follow.  Seriously I follow a ton on Bloglovin and I get all kinds of anxious when I can’t keep up.  But this dress caught my eye on the ever stylish, cute as a button, fellow Floridian Alyson of The Modern Savvy. Without giving it a second thought I clicked her link and ordered this gorgeous Maggy London wrap dress on sale for a steal!!! Honestly, this dress is normally priced at $148 and you can get it for $49.99. For size reference I ordered a small.

Favorite #2 involves me doing something I should have NEVER done. I bought these:
It was a moment of weakness after dropping Nolan off at his friend’s house to catch a ride back to school. I was paying for my groceries and there THEY were, ugh, dang they are good! I’m going to have to call my two blogging besties out for this new obsession, that’s right Andrea  and Lisa have both talked about these babies. Thank goodness the bag was small because I ate the whole thing. Now I am scheming ways to incorporate them into recipes, I’m thinking they’d be pretty tasty in a cookie!

Favorite #3 is the manicure I gave myself this week. I have the hardest time keeping nail polish on my nails. I’m not sure if I just have oily nail beds or what but regardless of what brand I try or what top coat I use my nail polish peels off. Like in sheets. I can’t stop peeling it off once it starts. This week in my spare time (which btw I had a lot of thanks to Irma) I think I finally found a combo that works for me. They are all products I’ve used before but now that I’ve combined them I think I have found a solution! I’m using these three products:

The end result looks like this, and this was almost 2 days after I painted my nails!  I think my kindergarten friends will be so pleased!












Favorite #4 involves a good laugh! With the stress of the impending storm I baked and cooked like a crazy woman, apparently I wasn’t alone because I saw this on Facebook!












Finally favorite #5, my man child, Nolan coming home for a few days during the storm.  Although he is almost 20 he still needs his momma and that feels good.  It’s weird when your kids are over 18 because they are adults and therefore you have no right to things like their medical information (even though it’s our insurance).  While we were at the ER everyone kept talking to him and calling him Mr. Rohr.  What?  When did that happen because this is how I see him:












Not like this 6 foot tall man! 

I swear I blinked and he grew up. I can’t even get started on my other baby who will turn 18 soon. It’s true that the days are long but the years are short!

I hope you enjoyed my Friday favorites, for a list of the link ups I join each week, please check out the header on this page. Just a little something I threw together. Ha! Except NOT, honestly every little technical change I make on this blog is a process but one I am proud of so please click on it and enjoy!

Have a fabulous weekend friends and I’ll see you back here on Monday!


Shop wrap dresses here:
Maggy London – Velvet Wrap Dress Women’s Dress • Maggy London • $128
Ramona Wrap – Black • Maggy London • $49.99
Maggy London Cap-Sleeve Jersey Wrap Dress, Blue Pattern • Maggy London • $40
Women’s Maggy London Palm Spray Print Wrap Dress • Maggy London • $64.90
Petite Women’s Maggy London Palm Leaf Wrap Dress • Maggy London • $64.89


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