That’s Entertaining

Happy Monday! What a weekend! We had Cuatro de Mayo (lol), prom, and a family party! It was a blast and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it but boy am I happy to be joining those fabulous women of The Blended Blog to talk about entertainment!

You all know by now how much my husband and I love using our Movie Passes, so I am hoping that will help me answer these questions!

1. I absolutely love a good laugh but I also love a drama. I’m going to go with drama for this one!
2. Fiction all the way baby!
3. Six months ago I would have said at home but now it’s the theatre, just about every week!
4. Play
5. Happy Hour – that is a legit meal, right?
6. Gone Girl – mostly because it took me by surprise.
7. Yes to Game Night – I love cards and dice games (excpet Yahtzee, it’s my nemesis).
8. Corn hole – I stink at it but it’s fun!
9. Breaking Bad is hands down my most favorite series, I still miss it!
10. Definitely the sitcoms from the 70’s, good, clean fun!
11. Bowling because it’s indoors. Again, I stink at bowling, last time I bowled I barely hit 50!
12. Hmmmmm…I don’t really eat movie theatre candy. Sorry!
13. Now popcorn is another story. If I’m going to splurge and have it it’s gonna be loaded with butter and salt! After that I may crave chocolate so I’d revise #12 to say chocolate covered peanuts!
14. I’d rather watch a 3D movie without the glasses but I don’t really mind them!
15. My favorite genre of books – mystery, suspense, psychological thrillers – the creepier the better! Keep me up at night? Yes, please, BRING IT! I took a screenshot of what’s on my Kindle – recognize a theme?  Lol, clearly I have a thing about lying!
I just finished reading “The Wife Between Us” and thought it was ok. I read it based on another blogger’s review and it sounded promising but didn’t quite deliver the suspense and surprise I was expecting. That’s okay though, I’d rather read an okay book then watch TV.
Speaking of books, I much prefer a real book to my Kindle. In fact the only reason I even have that Kindle Fire is because my husband bought it at an estate sale for $10. I do love the immediate gratification factor; I want a book I get it in a matter of minutes. But then it’s just there. I never re-read a book and if it’s on my Kindle I can’t even lend it to a friend. So, an actual book is always going to be my first choice. Recently I requested a few books from the library and one arrived the other day. I’m currently reading “Summer Breeze”by Nancy Thayer – not my usual suspense story, instead it seems like a love story (I’m less than 100 pages in). I would like to start reading at least one non-fiction book a few times a year but I haven’t acted on that intention just yet, I’ll keep you posted!
Please share with me any books you love, movies, or tv shows – I’m always interested in knowing what’s out there!
Make this a marvelous Monday my friends!

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