That Hard to Style Piece

It’s that time again friends, our Ageless Style link up is back with a new theme this month. Boy is it a doozy! We owe our thanks to the very creative Jodie of J’s Touch of Style for this month’s theme. Each month 9 of us come together along with a guest co-host to style a common theme.  The idea here is that regardless of age we can wear what we want and be fabulous! Our dear Jodie asked us to share that hard to style piece; the one that you don’t really wear but you can’t bring yourself to give up! Our co-host this month is Maria of Passion Fruit, Paws and Peonies.

This theme had me somewhat stumped because I have made it my mission to rid my closet of clothes I don’t really enjoy.  However, since I’ve changed jobs my wardrobe has too.  After some long and hard thinking the choice was clear: my blue skirt (similar).

It’s actually a really nice skirt.  In fact I just had to have it last year.  I ordered it from Gap and knew I’d be wearing it all the time. And then I didn’t. Can you relate?
Not sure why.  It’s a classic A-line skirt, it zips up the back, has pockets and a cute tie at the waist.  It’s well made.  I can’t part with it but I’m not exactly reaching for it either!
I have decided that I will wear it! I will! Now that I have this new floral tee (plus size option) I will wear my skirt.  In fact I will wear it to the movies this weekend.

I mean really? What’s a girl to do? Wear the skirt, right? Right! I have so many tops that would be darling with this skirt (similar). My super comfortable wedges work with it too. You know what’s crazy? I have already decided how I’m wearing it next time. Stay tuned friends, I’m on a roll!
Now it’s time to get to the fun part! We are joined by the beautiful Maria . I can’t wait to read the story behind her look.  And for reference, any time you’re holding an adult beverage in your blog photo that’s a sign we’re going to be fast friends! I hope you’ll pay her a visit as well as the rest of the gang! Don’t forget to link up with us and visit as many blogs as you can!
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