TBB Asks: Shop Till You Drop!

I’m not quite certain I have ever been so excited about a TBB ASks before! I mean really, is this not the perfect set of questions? I hope you’ll play along! Shop Till You Drop

1. My top 3 shops are Old Navy, Nordstrom, and Loft. That’s where the majority of my clothing comes from!
2. You know the answer to this one – the majority of my shopping is done online! I prefer it for convenience and in a crazy way it keeps me from impulse buying – there’s no clearance rack calling out to me on the way to the register!
3. I love shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories – you know EVERYTHING!!!!
4. I dislike shopping for bathing suits! Ugh, it’s the worst. I just ordered this one from Amazon. Fingers crossed!
5.Hmmmmm…my most favorite thing I ever bought? I guess that would be a pair red heels I purchased from Bloomingdale’s on a trip to NYC with friends to celebrate turning 40!
6. There are times I enjoy shopping alone – if I am on a mission for something specific but in general I love shopping with a friend. Bonus if lunch is involved!
7.I score lots of bargains but my best deal ever? A Lily Pulitzer skirt I scored at Goodwill for $3.99 – yeah baby!

#Lilly Pulitzer Skirt

Best. Deal. Ever.

8.Well yes, I enjoy a good thrift store, haven’t had much time to do that lately but I love the thrill of the hunt. For those who get grossed out because someone else wore the clothes before? Do you really think no one ever tried on the clothes you buy at the store? The shoes?
9.I enjoyed shopping in NYC and Chicago! I’m open to other cities as well.
10. I don’t necessarily have one fashion icon – my taste is too eclectic but I do admire Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She was always so classy and chic!

Have a fantastic Monday my friends! I’ll be back tomorrow with the Ageless Style Link up!

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