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The topic of self care never gets old, does it? Seems we are all interested in how others practice self care because maybe we can learn something or do something better. Maybe it’s a sign of the times and the stress we’re under but we all crave self care. I won’t bore you with the standard self care rituals that I think you probably already know – bubble baths, sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. I believe they are all extremely important but I want to share the importance of being open and honest along with time away with women who support and care for you!

There have been times in my life I’ve been called blunt. While it may have a negative connotation it’s never my intention. To be honest I just really can’t stand phony. I believe I can spot it a mile away. So, yes, I am the friend who will be honest with you, gently of course, but I promise you’ll always know where you stand with me. I believe friendship is a precious gift and I value each and every friend I have – so, if something occurs and my feelings are hurt I discuss it. I don’t play games, there’s no cold shoulder. You won’t have to call me and ask if I’m upset or hurt because you can trust me that I am going to be honest about my feelings. I will also take ownership of my wrong doings – and I promise I deliver a proper apology. I won’t say, “I’m sorry I upset you but you…” Genuine apologies go like this” “I am sorry I hurt you. It won’t happen again, I value you and your friendship. Can you forgive me?” Be honest with yourself and others, it feels good and you will see that life is so much better when you let go of games and grudges!

I also believe there’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with women who support and uplift one another. Blogging has been such a blessing in my life – I have made friends with women literally all over the world. When Andrea suggested a girls trip to Nashville I didn’t have to think twice. She has been so supportive and instrumental in my blogging game and I am forever grateful.

Spending time with these ladies was like a dream come true. No one paired off and I feel like we each spent time together talking and bonding. No one would have guessed this was out first meeting. Of course I had met Lisa in June and I talk to her several times a day. Chrissy and I have talked on the phone several times, and I follow Laura and Shelly on Instagram and their blogs. I knew enough to know that we’d all get along so well.

This trip was a 50th birthday gift from my husband. He had been budgeting for us to take a trip together to celebrate but this trip trumped that. Not that I don’t love my husband but I really needed a trip like this, with these ladies. Especially in light of my father’s illness.
This little sign was in the house we rented in Nashville and I think it sums up my feelings exactly: and link up your self care posts!

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