TBB Asks: How Do You Get Cozy?

Happy September and the beginning of cozy season! Actually, who are we kidding, cozy season began last week when Starbuck’s brought out the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! Well, here’s a low calorie, sugar free way to enjoy a taste of the upcoming season: share how you get cozy!

1. Slippers – YES! I hate cold feet!
2. My favorite blanket is this one I purchased from this year’s NSale. It is so soft! I bought two!
3. I like a pillow that is just right, not too thick and not too thin! I have My Pillow and I’ll call it the Goldilock’s of pillows, it’s perfection!
4. My favorite warm beverage is coffee with a flavored creamer – such a treat!
5. Definitely a robe! I have several and where different ones depending on the season.
6. My favorite comfort food would have to be cookies – homemade are best!
7. I’ll binge watch just about anything. My husband and I have been watching Better Call Saul lately.
8. I wear actual pj’s to bed!
9. My favorite place to cozy up is my recliner, I often fall asleep reading in it!
10. I cozy up in sweaters, I can’t wait for sweater weather!


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