TBB Asks February

It’s that time again, a new month, a new theme of questions to answer from the fabulous ladies of The Blended Blog. Follow along and let’s see how much we have in common!

1. It depends on who the kisses or hugs are from but unless it’s my husband doing the kissing I’m good with a hug!
2. I’ll take flowers, they’re lower in calories, lol! My husband knows I’m a cookie fan so he used to buy me cookies for Valentine’s Day from the cookie store at the mall. While I really appreciated it my waistline did not!
3. I love to bake and do it when I’m stressed and when I feel blessed! In my opinion anytime is a good time to bake. I especially love baking for others!
4. I remember who my first kiss was with but none of the other circumstances. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!
5. My favorite color of roses is pink of course!
6. No conversation hearts for me, I’m not interested in sugary candy.
7. I have left sweet notes for my husband in the past but unless you consider a heart drawn on the list of things he needs to get at Costco – no.
8. I do a little decorating for Valentine’s Day because I enjoy it – I’m pretty sure I’m the only one in the house who does but that’s fine by me!
10. Milk chocolate please.
11. Hmmm…no, I believe you can feel a connection immediately but lasting love takes time to develop.
12. I’ll go for the funny anytime but my husband better write a more serious sentiment on the inside, like how he can’t imagine living his life without me! HA!!! I buy serious cards, usually for my husband though because he’s serious and not a crack pot like me.
13. While I love them all, Sleepless in Seattle is my favorite!
14. We stay in, I’m not one for crowded restaurants and I prefer to make a delicious meal at home, it’s sort of my gift to my husband and my sons.

Here are a few pics of my decor for this year – I’m not quite done but you’ll get an idea of how I love to incorporate a little love into the mix!
Our fireplace mantle is one of my favorite spots to decorate. Fresh flowers in sprayed dollar store glass vases, a fun tassel banner from Target, and a little art is all it takes to get Valentine’s ready!
More flowers, a handmade Valentine gift from one of the boys, and my very favorite candle adorn my kitchen sink area.
My dining room is the area I’m still working on. Actually I’m looking for a table runner and a centerpiece. Right now I have a tassel banner from Target (2 years ago) and not much else.
Of course we can’t have a love post without bringing up my favorite Love sweater . If you haven’t gotten it yet, now’s the time! It is super cute and so versatile! It plays well with blue denim, white denim, camo, and this week I’m planning on wearing it with red pants!
I hope you enjoyed today’s post – I’ll be back tomorrow! I so appreciate your visit and your comments mean the world to me, I love to connect with my readers.
I’m wishing you all a marvelous Monday filled with lots of love!


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