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Today we’re talkin’ all thing entertainment and I can’t wait to read what everyone else answers because that is where I get some of the very best recommendations for books, shows, movies, and music! Head on over to The Blended Blog to link up with us or just to see what everyone else answered. Let’s get to it!

    1. This one is kind of hard for me to answer because once I’ve read a book I generally do not read it again. Except the Bible and I have re-read daily devotionals. For the last few years I have read Jesus Calling and I am currently in the market for a new daily devotional, any recommendations?
    2. My favorite author? Hmmmmm…Jen Lancaster! Read her first book Bitter is the New Black and you’ll see why she makes me literally laugh out loud! I actually met her in person some years ago and she is delightful. She is hysterical, witty, sarcastic, but never unkind.

      My BFF Angie and I met Jen Lancaster and her husband Fletch in 2014

    3. Once I’m hooked on a series I can’t stop watching so it’s easy for me to binge. I recently watched Homecoming in one day! I loved The Handmaid’s Tale and Mad Men too.
    4. My husband and I are both enjoying Dirty John on Bravo – there are only two more episodes left and I am already dreading it ending!
    5. Favorite movie of all time? That would have to be a tie between Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink – yes, I am totally stuck in the 80’s but Pretty in Pink was the story of my senior year for sure.
    6. Right now I don’t have a movie I am looking forward to watching. Last week my answer would have been Bird Box but we watched it Friday night with the boys and really liked it!
    7. When I was in junior high school (7th grade) a neighbor invited me to the B-52’s concert. I went but didn’t really know much of their music. It also scared me to death when we got there and she told me people would be smoking and pot and we would inhale it! If we had cell phones back then I would have called my parents to come get me!
    8. I am not much of a concert person but I’d love to see The Go-Go’s! See? I told you I was stuck in the 80’s! Take me back to 1981 with Beauty and the Beat!
    9. Well this is a loaded question. My musical tastes are all over the place. I love 80’s bands, country music, some current music so I could go on and on. Generally speaking I love anything from Alan Jackson and used to listen to his greatest hits CD everyday back in the 90’s when I had a long commute to work.
    10. Now I listen to music mostly on Pandora or Amazon on my Echo Dot. I love having music playing while I’m working!

In 2019 I am hoping to spend less money on books and order them from the library. Our library system has home delivery which is so convenient. It means that I may wait a little longer to get a book I want to read but I’ll spend less money. Audible books are also on my to do list – I think I’d enjoy listening while I walk or work out. I don’t have any plans to go to any concerts this year but we’ll see what the year brings. Last year our Movie Pass was amazing and we saw so many movies. Then the bottom fell out and the MP was a bust! I prefer seeing a movie in the comfort of my home but it is nice to get out.
I hope you’ll share what entertains you! Thanks for stopping by I so appreciate the visit!

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