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Happy Labor Day to all my friends in the US! I hope you are like me and enjoying a day off. Personally I feel like every weekend should be 3 days, it just feels so good to have an extra day. Today The Blended Blog is talking all about back to school. Since I’m a huge fan of theirs, when they ask I answer!












  1. Like school or hate it?  I loved school, except for a spell in high school.
  2. I went to kindergarten and part of 1st grade in NJ (where I was born) and probably started after Labor Day, once I moved to Florida the start of school was always before Labor Day.
  3. Eager beaver in the morning, just like now, some things never change!
  4. Never had a favorite breakfast.
  5. I didn’t really eat cereal much as a kid but as an adult I love granola and raisin bran but rarely eat them.
  6. Never had a school uniform.
  7. Heck YES!  Always had a new outfit for the first day!
  8. Both – walked and rode a bus at different times in my life.
  9. I don’t recall having any kind of book bag until college and then I used a backpack.
  10. I ate school lunch sometimes and packed a lunch in elementary school.  Once I hit junior and senior high I always bought school lunch.
  11. Chocolate milk.  And yes, I remember the little cartons all too well.  I open about 9 million of them a day because ya know, I AM A LUNCH LADY!
  12. Lunch box – Holly Hobby!
  13. I always loved the swings at recess!
  14. My favorite back to school item was always a pencil box.
  15. I’m old, my teachers all used chalkboards. In junior high my pre-algebra teacher used an overhead projector to work the problems and I thought that was so cool!
  16. Regular pencil, I am not a fan of mechanical pencils at all.
  17. I did my homework as soon as I got home.  When I have work to do I can’t relax until it’s done.
  18. My favorite after school snack would probably be cookies.
  19. I didn’t really watch tv after school because people my age went outside and played with friends!  I only stayed in to watch tv if there was an after school special movie on.
  20. English was my favorite subject.  I love reading!
  21. I am not a huge fan of higher level math.  Anything after algebra never made sense to me.
  22. Kristen was my best friend in high school and I still consider her to be one of my best friends!
  23. High school mascot – wildcats!
  24. I took both the SAT and the ACT.
  25. My favorite year in school was 9th grade.  My junior high school was 7th-9th grade.  I was on the Flag Corps/Dance team and had a blast with all the girls!
  26. No class ring, my parents bought me a diamond ring instead.  It was the first nice piece of jewelry I ever owned.  I wore it everyday into adulthood, it meant the world to me.
  27.  I went to the cocktail party night for my 10th, a family picnic for my 20th, and skipped the 30th all together.  I do not enjoy large crowds and I dislike small talk.  I prefer small groups with meaningful conversation so I’d much rather meet up with certain people for lunch, dinner, or drinks and catch up in a relaxed atmosphere.  I am the girl in a large group who feels completely alone.  You know what?  I am totally ok with that because I know what I like and what I don’t.

Now for some fun!  I found old photos of school days gone by…this first one is of me and my brother. I was starting 6th grade and he was starting 2nd grade. I am all about the fashion and the patrol belt, and I am wearing my favorite blue wedges! Yes, I wore heels in 6th grade!












The second picture is a class picture from 4th grade. I am in the 2nd row wearing a green overall type dress with a white blouse underneath it. And the boy next to me with the buzz cut? My boyfriend Raymond. I don’t know what I liked about him, maybe he was funny? Interesting though the blonde boy at the very top is a major stuntman now and has roles in big movies and tv shows (we’re Facebook friends). Most recently he’s been in that Jennifer Lopez tv show “Shades of Blue”. He was my boyfriend in 4th grade btw because Raymond moved.

This next picture was taken the day of my high school graduation. My best friends Kristen and Melodie are in the picture too. We were loading into my 1977 Camaro (with NO A/C) to drive to graduation. See the strings hanging out of the trunk? They had cans on them, apparently we were very excited!

Finally a picture of me with Kristen. We were in college at the University of Central Florida where we both pledged Kappa Delta. This picture was taken at my niece’s birthday party because Kristen and I did everything together!












What a fun walk down memory lane for me, I hope you enjoyed it too!


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