Taking Inspiration and Making it Your Own

Since I have already shared with you that I am a thiefy thiever when it comes to putting outfits together I have no shame today sharing my latest stolen idea. I thought it might also be helpful to share how I get inspired by someone else’s creativity and make it my own. In fact, my guess is that is how the majority of us dress; we get inspired by someone or something and get to work making it work as Tim Gunn would say!

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Shelbee shared a recap of her some of her past looks. I am always drawn to this woman’s creativity! I am also envious of her shoe and accessory collection; actually I’ll be honest I’d love to have her whole closet! Anyhow, here’s the look I loved and just had to steal!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I love the mix of edgy and classic! Here’s how I changed the look up to make it my own. I used what I had. Obviously Shelbee’s camo tee and mine are different; mine is lighter so I went with lighter denim too. With the lighter denim I chose my lighter colored open toe booties (same brand different color) – my black ones were too harsh.

As much as I love the long pearls, I don’t own a strand that long. I improvised by connecting two shorter necklaces. Of course then I didn’t have a single shorter strand so I had to use what I had.

I also don’t own a floral bomber jacket but I do own a blue blazer. I love how it works with this look and I will definitely wear this when it cools off!
In the end I love how this look turned out. While I was inspired by Shelbee I don’t look like I’m wearing her clothes – ya know? In my opinion that’s the goal – you get inspired and run with it. So the next time you find yourself wondering if you can “pull off” a certain look, think about it. You can if you do it YOUR way!

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