Spring Ready with Ageless Style

Welcome to this month’s edition of Ageless Style!  Shelly chose our theme this month and it’s all about spring!  Truth be told I feel like in Florida we really only have 2 seasons, spring and… View Post

Off the Shoulder, On Trend

Off the shoulder styles and I have had a tumultuous relationship until recently. When I first drank the kool aid and started scooping up this trendy style I was disappointed with the results. Too much… View Post

White Denim and Weekend Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I got a chocolate stain on my white denim jeans that would not come out. I took it as a sign it was time to replace them – they were several… View Post

Cute and Cozy with Eva Trends

Today I bring you the third piece I was fortunate enough to receive from Eva Trends in exchange for a blog post. In case you missed the other two fabulous pieces you can check out… View Post

How to Get Your Look for Less

As much as I love shopping I love a good dupe. What’s a dupe? Basically an item that’s available at a better price than it’s more expensive counterpart. Today I’m sharing a few I’ve recently… View Post

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