Winter Boots & TBB Link Up

Living in FL means no winter boots are required so I am participating in today’s Blended Blogtheme on behalf of all of us in warm climates! This year we have had more spring and summer-like… View Post

How to Dress Like Jess

Today The Blended Blog fashion theme is to dress like someone else. Fun, huh? You know how we get influenced by the people we surround ourselves with? That’s the impetus for today’s prompt in my… View Post

How to Wear Bright Colors in Winter

Maybe it’s because I live in a place that doesn’t snow but I just love bright colors when it gets cold! Ever wonder how to do it? Well good. Today I’m going to show you… View Post

Flat Lays Come to Life

According to the definition of a flat lay is: a photo of objects of the same theme grouped together that are laid out ‘flat’ and photographed from above. They are used a lot in… View Post

Dressing for Winter in FL and TBB Link Up

If this is your first week back to work are you as exhausted as I am? How can it only be Wednesday? I am looking forward to the weekend like nobody’s business. Speaking of business,… View Post

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