It’s Fall Y’all – Styling a Corduroy Skirt Part 1

Happy Monday and happy Fall! Here’s hoping you had a fabulous weekend. Ours was busy and this week we are leaving for vacation. I’m equal parts excited and overwhelmed hoping we’ve taken care of everything… View Post

How To Stylishly Wear Leggings All Year

Sure you can wear leggings to the gym and with a big sweatshirt when it’s cold outside but today I am going to show you how to wear leggings all year stylishly. Of course it… View Post

Cropped Flares Over 50

It’s hard to remember a time when jeans were just jeans, ya know? If you had a pair or two that’s all you needed. Well that time is long gone. Now with so many different… View Post

Sunday Showcase – Sweaters!

Happy 1st Sunday of December! Thank you for stopping by to join Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood., Chrissy of Granola & Grace, and me for our monthly link up. Today we’re sharing sweaters and I… View Post

Stripes, Plaid, and a Link Up!

So on Monday I introduced you to the plegging and today it’s round two just in case you missed the memo that you need these STAT! The Blended Blog prompt for this week’s fashion link… View Post

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