Happy Clothes

With less than 2 weeks until Christmas I hope this finds you happy and full of joy! When The Blended Blog prompt was announced – wear something that makes you happy I knew exactly what… View Post

Stripes and Plaid

I just love a good mix of patterns. It seems cold weather provides so many opportunities to layer and mix patterns, no wonder I enjoy cooler weather! I was thrilled to hear cooler weather was… View Post

Grown Up Camo

Used to be that the only people wearing camo were those going hunting or fishing. I’m not sure how those same folks feel about camo going more mainstream but it most certainly has taken it’s… View Post

Graphic Weekend

Since I’ve increased my graphic tee wardrobe by one I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate this fun trend into my every day style! Lucky for me I follow a slew of fabulous bloggers who… View Post

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