Can Blondes Wear Yellow?

There are lots of old fashion rules that still exist for some, like no white after Labor Day, red heads can’t wear red, and blondes can’t wear yellow. The problem with these rules is they… View Post

Season’s Best Sweaters and Link Up

Sweater season is in full swing so I I rounded up what I consider to be the season’s best! To earn my seal of approval the sweater must be stylish, affordable, and good quality. The… View Post

Style Six Link Up – What to Wear on Christmas Day

Today is all about what to wear on Christmas Day. Of course it all depends on wear you live and what you’re planning for that day but a regardless of that kind of minutiae –… View Post

Plaid Puff Sleeve Blouse and Pencil Skirt

Apparently today I have a penchant for the letter “P”! But how could I stop myself from sharing this perfectly plaid puff sleeve and pencil skirt combo! Yes, you have seen this blouse before but… View Post

Wardrobe Must Have: Red Cardigan

Let’s talk about a wardrobe workhorse today – a red cardigan. For years I had a standard red cardi but lately I have gravitated towards the longer version. Finding the right shade of red was… View Post

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