Friday Favorites #80

It’s time for the final Friday Favorites of July! Can you believe August is just days away? Glad you’re joining me for a crazy, all over the place list of favorites. There’s no theme today,… View Post

Friday Favorites #71

The only thing better than a Friday is a Friday that kicks off a long weekend – am I right? I won’t be posting on Monday instead I’ll be enjoying Memorial Day with my family… View Post

Recent Purchases

It seems I have a hodge podge of recent purchases to share with you, so today’s the day. Some things don’t necessarily require a post of their own but when combined it makes for a… View Post

Walking Shorts – How and Why to Wear Them

The term walking shorts seems kind of funny, no? Can’t you walk in all shorts? But don’t let that silliness deter you; walking shorts are longer than regular shorts and shorter than capri pants so… View Post

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