Super Bowl Weekend Wrap Up

Well, you ‘d think by the title that my weekend was all about the Super Bowl, but truth be told I don’t care too much about the NFL, I’ll take college football any day. Honestly, I chose the title because I think I have already used “Weekend Wrap Up” in the past. So if you could not care less about football I think you’ll still like this post! It’s one for the books for me because it was busy one for sure. When I have a weekend with this many activities it deserves to be chronicled somewhere. I am linking up with Sarah and Holly today for Hello Monday!

Super Bowl Weekend Wrap Up

Before I get into the weekend’s events, can I just say, Super Bowl should either be on a Saturday OR it should be on the weekend leading up to President’s Day. This makes no sense to me, it’s a late night and leads to tough Mondays. For that reason alone we rarely watch the whole game, usually after half time we’re done. I’ll go as far as saying that all weekends should be three days, no matter what. It would be so good for the mental health of Americans. In fact I have joked that I could run for president on that platform alone and probably get elected. But I digress…


Friday started as it usually does, at the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes, went to boot camp, and then came home to hot coffee! I worked for about an hour and then went to my women’s group at church. We are watching The Chosen – it is amazing!!! Came home and worked some more.

Chico’s for the win! No Stain Jeans || No Iron Shirt || Lug Sole Boots || Necklace

At 4:30 we went to the movies to see Missing – it was sooooo good y’all! Go see it! Kept us both wondering the whole time, so well done. Afterwards we went to a Cuban restaurant, where we ate outside, and made it home before 8pm. My kinda date night!!! I came home and did some cleaning and laundry.

I swear there is nothing better than roast pork at a Cuban restaurant!


Saturday was a day I was equal parts excited about and dreading a bit. All good things on the schedule but it was a little too much for me in one day and that makes my anxiety soar. How will I get it done? Will I have time for this? I feel like I can’t relax because I have to be monitoring my time to make sure I get to the next thing, ugh. I try to remind myself that I always get it done, always make it, and that nothing I am doing is life threatening. After all, I am not a transplant coordinator – if I am a tad late, no one’s life is at stake. If you get anxious too, I suggest trying to put things in perspective like this, it helps!

I woke up early, did get most of my walk in – a little over 4 miles. Then it was time to get ready for the first event – shooting! Our friends have a big piece of property out in the middle of almost nowhere and they like to go out an shoot. My husband has some guns and enjoys shooting at targets. Turned out to be quite the event, they even had shirts made for us! We had a big fire, they made chili and hot dogs. It was so much fun! Our younger son and his girlfriend joined us and we had an absolute blast! I hated leaving early but it was an hour away from our house and I had to get home in time for the next event: Wicked!!

We made it home by 3:40 and I had to pick my sister and niece up by 4:30 at their house. I quickly showered did my hair and make up and got them by 4:25! If there is any benefit to having thin hair, this would be it. It Takes no time to dry and I don’t do much styling.

I snapped this photo at the end of the night so you could see how well my Walmart dress held up! I first shared it here and how I tied it in the back rather than in the front. It looks so much better this way!

My $14 dress did not disappoint!

I grabbed them and we met up with my mom, sister in law, and niece and we headed out to dinner. Nothing fancy before the show for us – we went to Longhorn – I called ahead and we got in quickly. Had a nice dinner and then it was time to see Wicked! I bought my mom a ticket for Christmas after chatting with my sister and SIL and planning a girls night out. I had never seen Wicked and always wanted to.

Earlier in the week the news had forecasted terrible thunderstorms and a cold front coming in. All of the bad weather was set to start at the very time we’d be headed downtown. I also get anxious parking downtown and to top it off, my mom has a stress fracture in her foot and is wearing a boot and we had my 6 year old niece with us. Since we got an early start on the evening we got great parking literally across the street from the venue and there was no rain! See? All that anxiety for nothing, I work so hard to keep it at bay but it finds a way to wiggle its way in every now and then.

The show was great but I was exhausted near the end. It was so nice to walk out, jump in the car and get home. I drove all 6 of us in our old Honda Odyssey, it’s so good for hauling things and people! I did not make it home until midnight.


On the schedule for Sunday: church, brunch with my sorority, and then super bowl party at my brother in law and sister in law’s house. I had initially planned to get up early and walk before church.

I ended up sleeping later and instead of going to church in person, livestreaming the service. Brunch was so good! Not only delicious but honestly there are few things I enjoy more than quality time with people. I so enjoyed catching up with old friends and I can hardly wait to do it again!

Such a fun brunch, catching up with old friends!

After brunch I headed home to finish this post and relax for about an hour before heading out to my brother in law’s house. I predict a night of food and football!

Thoughts on Busy Weekends

Weekends like this are not the norm for me. I am trying hard to do more and enjoy more in life so I can’t say I’ll never have a another weekend like this but they’ll be few and far between. Frankly, I need some down time and rest. Like many people I consider myself and extroverted introvert, I like the idea of plans and get all excited making them but then when it comes down to it, all I can think of is how can I get out of this? So, it’s important for me to see how I feel afterwards, am I glad I did it all? Yes, yes, I am. I spent time with people I care about, I did things I enjoy. I was part of the memory making.

Sure, a few things will suffer when I am this busy. Like blogging. Typically Saturdays are spent responding to blog comments, getting posts written for the week, scheduling pins. But lately, I am granting myself permission to get things done when I get things done. This has led to me realizing I need to evaluate the role of this side hustle. Where do I go from here? I know I never want to do ‘this’ full time, whatever ‘this’ is, it is not my calling and I know that. A little soul searching is taking place as I turn 55 in a few months and I am excited about that!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great weekend! Tell me what you did in the comments. Can you relate to feeling anxious when you have a packed calendar or do you take it all in stride? I’d love to know!


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