Sunday Showcase Kitchen Reveal

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Happy Sunday and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Sunday Showcase! This once monthly link up is hosted by Ada, Chrissy, and of course ME!

Since I haven’t done an official reveal of our kitchen remodel I figured today would be a great way to kick off the Sunday Showcase with a peek inside my humble abode. A little background information before we get started. Our home was built in 1996 before we had children. We’ve raised our two boys here and have been quite happy although we know this house lacks storage space. In the Spring of last year we started contemplating either moving or updating the kitchen. We went back and forth with the pros and cons but the bottom line was our house is just about paid for and the idea o having no mortgage appeals to me.

My sister happens to be an interior designer so we asked her and her crew to help us out. We met with them and told them what we were looking for and let them give us their ideas. I highly recommend you do the same if you’re thinking of updating your home. It makes a world of difference when you speak to professionals!

Even though we planned the remodel months earlier the crew was so busy they couldn’t get to us until Fall. The Fall was so busy and my work was so stressful that taking before pictures completely slipped my mind. You’ll have to forgive the before shots but you’ll get the idea of what we were working with. These were all taken after the remodel had already begun so there’s lots of clutter (drove me crazy!!!).

My sister recommended we paint the interior of our home one color – we have an open floor plan so that made sense. Years ago I tried using color to define the spaces but now I see the error in my ways. The kitchen designer loved our original cabinets and recommended we paint them white. This saved us a ton of money because he told my husband exactly what to do and what products to use. They turned out beautifully!

In addition he made some adjustments to help with storage space. So clever!!! He did recommend knocking down our old pantry and rebuilding. At first I didn’t really understand the difference that would make but it has been phenomenal! He also built a wall of cabinets including a desk area for me.

When we signed on for this project I knew I was interested in working from home and that it might be a possibility. We planned for that and I am so glad we did since those plans came to fruition!

Here’s a breakdown of what we did”
*painted cabinets
*got new knobs and pulls
*changed out some drawers and made modifications to a few cabinets
*added crown molding to the top of the cabinets
*added lighting underneath the cabinets
*replaced the counter tops with granite
*tiled the backsplash
*got all new appliances
*purchased all new lighting fixtures
*rebuilt the pantry
*added a wall of cabinets including a desk area
*leveled the bar countertop to make it one large surface
*painted the interior of our home
*replaced the old tile on our fireplace with stacked stone
*replaced our white sink with a new stainless steel one

The only thing we did was paint the cabinets ourselves. Everything else was done by the crew my sister works with. That made a huge difference. The painter, Adam, was absolutely amazing! The man was here when he said he’d be; he moved all the furniture himself, painted and cleaned up after himself. There was absolutely no mess and this may sound weird but the house didn’t smell like paint. He painted all of our doors and trim as well. The house feels like it’s brand new!

The lighting we added is from Lowe’s. We added 2 chandeliers – a large one over the island and a smaller version over the kitchen table. We have two pendant lights hanging over the kitchen sink/bar area.
So there ya have it, our kitchen remodel! We are thrilled with the way it turned out. If you are local to me (Central Florida area) and you’d like the names of the people we used leave a comment below and I’ll provide the information.
Thanks so much for stopping by!
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