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Lately all the talk about fashion seems to center around the word transition. How do you take what you’ve been wearing and transition it from one season to another. That’s great if you live in a place that actually has seasons. In Florida we don’t really have Fall weather, sure the humidity lessens a tad but it’s pretty much shorts season through December. In my mind Fall simply means it’s okay to wear booties and vests right along side of a person dressed in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops! Even when it is officially Fall nothing really changes here, btw, the first day of Fall is September 22 not the day when Starbuck’s starts selling PSLs!

So when The Blended Blog announced the theme for this Wednesday I really had to stop and think. Then it hit me! My white jeans! I rarely wear them in Summer because it’s hot and if I do it’s usually with a bright top.Remember this outfit? It is quintessential Summer to me! Bright and colorful!
But when I start dreaming of cooler weather and leaves that actually change color, I crave neutrals with my white denim. Soft, muted colors that seem so cozy. This year I cannot wait to actually start wearing my new cardigan! This soft, blush color is one of my very favorites! I also grab my favorite comfy open toe booties (on sale!)!

So warm climate friends, WE CAN wear cardigans before December we just have to layer wisely to avoid heat stroke. I love a cami or other sleeveless top in a super lightweight fabric.

I know there are plenty of people who still adhere to the old rule of no white after Labor Day. You’ll get no judgement from me but I think living in a hot climate like mine means those rules don’t apply. Our public pools are still open and the beach is still packed so white done right is always in fashion!                                                                                             I also think rather the color white itself being in appropriate for cooler seasons it’s the weight of the fabric that matters. I don’t think twice about pulling my white denim out any time of the year but I usually reserve white cotton dresses for warmer months. And just for giggles, you can tell there was no sun shining on Labor Day when we took these pictures but just as we were snapping this last one the wind blew HARD and the rain came down like nobody’s business! Look at my bangs blowing, lol!

So how are you dressing for the next season? Are you tired of what you’ve been wearing all Summer and ready for a change? I sure am! I hope you’ll join us and link your fashion posts! I hope you’ll join us every Wednesday this Fall for our Fashion Frenzy!


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