Summer Go-Two Part two :)

My fashion twin Kellyann spoke HIGHLY of her “go-to” for the summer-the infamous spray tan in a can! Well, since I can knock out a tan like nobody’s business I can not speak about the spray tan in a can. HOWEVER…….I can talk on and on about my go-to for the summer. If you have not used It Cosmetics I can tell you to jump on this bandwagon! I found out about It about two years ago by doing an impromptu drive by at Ulta. Now ladies, we all know that when you enter Ulta it is like a mecca for beauty-well, anyways, It Cosmetics was there with reps to do makeovers. Who doesn’t love a good makeover? Long story short-did the makeover-fell in LOVE with the cosmetics and spent over $175. It Cosmetics gives you such a natural and polished look that I can not give it enough props!!!! In fact, I want to talk about several of their products, but I will start with the bronzing powder and fan brush. This powder gives you a soft glow without making you look like someone who should be an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka….Oh, and the fan brush feels soooo soft on your face and the results are fantastic! I use it when just running around for the day and don’t want to wear makeup, but also don’t want to frighten the people that I might encounter for the day! Sooo…..I am putting up the link for because I always buy my product from QVC because you will get a brush with the product you are buying for the most part and ladies-the brushes aren’t cheap, but they make a WORLD of difference!!!!!

Sooo…..that’s my go-to item for the summer and check it out!!!! It’s a game changer 🙂

Fashionably yours,


IT Cosmetics ITs Your Summer Glow Anti-Aging 3-pc Collection - A280496

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QVC Price: $48.00 One Day Only Price: $39.66

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