Summer Bucket List Update

summer bucket listA day late and a dollar short! That’s me with my Summer Bucket List Update this month. I’ll admit I hit the ground running when I first shared my list and knocked off quite a few items. This last month I lost my vim and vigor – not just for the bucket list but for many things. Sometimes that happens. It’s okay, I always rebound!Thank you Leslie for inspiring me!

The things I have yet to do:

  • join the grief group
  • enroll in an online photography class
  • swim 3x per week
  • try new lunch recipes

So here’s why I decided not to do these things. When the Saturday rolled around to attend the grief group I had an opportunity to hang with one of my besties. I also feel like I am making progress with my grief. The truth of the matter is that I will NEVER stop missing my dad, I will NEVER move on and get over it (that is absolutely ridiculous). But I am comfortable with it and it is part of my life story now.

The online photography class? Well, I think I may need an editing class instead. Also? My husband takes my photos so ideally he should take the course with me. Hmmm…not sure that will happen. I spend so much time with a computer between my job and the blog that honestly the LAST thing I want to do is spend more time online.

Swimming three times a week has not happened because I have been so busy working lately. Then it rains at night. In between I shower and get ready for the day, once that happens I am not going swimming!

I haven’t been trying new lunch recipes because since I joined WW I haven’t needed to. I have found ways to enjoy the food I am eating and I am not bored. Also? I am down 6 pounds, thank you WW! It’s been a little over a month and while that may not seem like a lot of weight I could not be happier. I’ve lost this weight while going out to dinner with friends and my husband multiple times, enjoying happy hour each week, and not going hungry. I’d like to lose 4 more pounds, we’ll see how it goes.

So that’s the update. Am I glad I out together a Bucket List? You bet! Will I do it again? Yes!


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