Summer 2021 Make Up Routine

The middle of summer seems like as good a time as any to share an updated make up routine. I always love seeing what others are using and reading their honest opinions. My hope is that you will as well.


Before make up can be addressed, it’s important to touch on skincare. Without a good routine, I’m afraid all the make up in the world just doesn’t do the trick. Or better yet, I have found that if my skin is in good condition, I can wear less make up. My go-to skin care routine has been documented here, and more recently, I was contacted by Maelove and started using their products. I have been pleased with the results.

Skincare is a very personal thing. What works for me may not work for you. I’m 53, have oily skin, large pores and I live in a hot, humid climate. At this point in my life, I like my skin! Sure, it’s aging (right along with the rest of me) but I have no major complaints. In full disclosure let me also share that I do not get regular cosmetic procedures. I do not get Botox injections (although I certainly have in the past) and I have never had any fillers. I’m not opposed to them, I just haven’t felt the need. That may change in the future and I will be the first to tell you that if a skin care clinic reached out to me and wanted to have their way with my face, I’d say YES!!!!!

Make Up

In my teens I started wearing foundation. Did I need it? Probably not but I loved playing with all the cosmetics and quite heavy handed, I wore all the things. And way too much. Once you start, it’s hard to stop. So back in December when I pitched my foundation in favor of tinted sunscreen, no one was more surprised than me!

Now it’s what I wear every single day and use it along with this concealer. I tried this powder and really like it, except for the price and the fact that it just doesn’t last long enough (the product would need to be re-purchased too often for my taste). It wears well, I just think for the price I’d like the compact to be bigger if that makes sense. I will most likely go back to this product when it runs out.

Most days I just use one eyeshadow color and keep it fairly neutral. But there are times when I use this all over the lid first. It just depends on my mood. This palette has a great selection of shades.

I never thought I’d find an eyeliner that didn’t budge but so far this one is doing the trick quite nicely. I love the thin tip too, it’s very easy to apply. Even though it’s waterproof it washes off easily.

In my Friday Favorites I shared this mascara. It is only available through the company’s site and I would have never had the chance to try it had they not contacted me last fall. After the tubes they sent me ran out I went back to using my own. I noticed that no matter what brand I tried, I kept getting raccoon eyes and smudging. This mascara works well on me and really does help my lashes look fuller and longer. Although I have yet to try an eyelash serum, this one is on my wishlist! It has lots of 5 star reviews and results appear in 4-8 weeks.

My eyebrows are becoming more sparse so filling them in each day is a necessity. Right now I am using this Elf eyeliner but my favorite was made by Milani. It seems to be discontinued which is such a bummer!

The biggest game changer for my face is bronzer. I use it to contour and add color. The key here is to blend, blend, blend. I love this color of bronzer (Park Ave Princess) and the fact that it comes in a huge compact and is waterproof. It can also be used on the body as well.

I use just the slightest bit of blush. I am currently using this one and it will probably never run out – ha! One of my personal goals was to refrain from buying new products when I still have old ones. And if I do decide to buy something new it has to be because the old one isn’t performing well.

A setting spray is a necessity in my climate. It also appears to be the key reason I don’t need to touch up my make up throughout the day – with the exception of lipstick. This is my favorite every day lipstick. It’s inexpensive and I love the color.

So that’s it! I’d love to know your thought on make up and beauty. Do you have any products you swear by?

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