Stripes, Plaid, and a Link Up!

So on Monday I introduced you to the plegging and today it’s round two just in case you missed the memo that you need these STAT! The Blended Blog prompt for this week’s fashion link up is stripes and plaid. So guess what I did?#plaidblazer#plaidblazer

Here they are again! This time with my plaid blazer. You may think mixing stripes and plaid can’t be done but it can. The stripes on my pleggings are pinstripes and very subtle so adding the blazer works!While my blazer is no longer available here are some options for you save or splurge.#plaidblazer#plaidblazer

I’m still trying to figure out the pictures with my Echo Look – sorry these are GINORMOUS and a little fuzzy. I guess nothing is quite as crisp and clear as the camera. You can see the pinstripes in the pleggings though so at least there’s that! Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to head over to Shelly at The Queen in Between to link up!

Update! Just found out that these pleggings are on sale for $39.90! Great time to get a pair!

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