Stripes, Floral, and St. Patrick’s Day Wrap Up

Happy Monday! Here’s hoping your weekend was full of lots of great tales to share and now you’re ready to tackle Monday like a boss! Our annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner was fabulous and I”m sharing a few pictures below.

Since my husband works from home on Fridays it’s usually a day I try to have him take pictures for the blog. We usually have plans to head out so we try to take them earlier which means the sun is so bright we end up at the front door. At least he can no longer tease me about being a street walker, lol!

Since purchasing this long cardi I have been dying to wear it with floral. The problem was I didn’t actually own the right floral top. At least that was the case until I spotted the beautiful Laura in this post wearing THE top. With just a few clicks that floral beauty was on it’s way to me!

What a surprise when it arrived a mere two days later! I couldn’t wait to wear it.

The site I ordered from is called Pink Blush (not an affiliate link). While they do carry maternity clothes, they also have women’s as well as women’s plus AND they have FREE US shipping and returns (the magic words I long to hear!).

I ordered the top in a medium based on the size guide for the site. However, it felt kind of big. A top like this most definitely needs to be styled with slim pants. I chose my favorite distressed denim but if ripped denim is well, distressing to you, try these (under $20). Because they are so comfortable I had to wear my open toe booties.

I took the cardi off and slung it over my shoulder mostly so you could get an idea of how roomy this top is but also because I was trying to be a fancy poser – ha! But you’ll also notice my go to necklace by Kendra Scott.

Despite my best efforts to style this top it just felt too big so I decided to return it and try a small. Fingers crossed the small works because I am in LOVE with the floral print!

Now onto our St. Patrick’s Day fun! My side of the family came over with the exception of my sister and brother in law, and of course my Nolan who is back at school. While we really wished the whole crew was together we had fun nonetheless!
Here’s what I wore! The top is old and although I love it, it actually has a tiny hole near the bottom on the front so I rarely wear it but can’t bear to part with it.

My little niece just loves our dog Sophie so I had to share a few of those!
My father’s cousin flies in every year from Utah to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us!
My favorite thing about holidays like St. Patrick’s Day is that it’s all about family and food. Having my nieces and nephews here and watching them play cards and hang out together warms my heart and keeps my Irish eyes smilin’!
And of course the food. My mother cooks the corned beef (she made 4!), cabbage and carrots. I made cheesy potatoes, roasted potatoes (we decided years ago to forego the boiled ones – hey we’re Irish but not that Irish – ha), dessert, and Irish soda bread. Everything was delicious!
That about does it for today! They say, “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish then you’re lucky enough!” I am not just “lucky” but blessed to have you stop by here today, I appreciate your readership. Make today a great one!

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