Spring 2022 Trends

And just like that, Spring has sprung! Let’s kick things off with Spring 2022 trends. Some you’ll love, some you won’t – that is okay. The thing to know about trends is that these are the themes you’ll see popping up here and there; adding in just a few keeps you looking fresh and modern. Last week I shared Spring shoes, now it’s time to talk clothing.

There are so many trends this year – way too many for just one blog post – I am sharing just a few today. Trends like pearl core, prairie core, the color of the year Veri Peri might really speak to you and could be fun to try out.

Spring Trend – Dark Denim

Dark denim is trending right now. That doesn’t mean that lighter washes are a fashion faux pas – denim of all washes will always have a place in fashion. But you will be seeing lots of darker washes.

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While we’re on the topic of denim let me share this as well. Low rise denim is making a comeback. I’m certainly not a fan of extremely low rise denim but I do believe we can all find the rise that is right for our particular body type.

Spring Trend – Cut Outs

Whether on your sweaters, tops, or dresses cut outs continue to trend. We saw lots of this trend in Fall and Winter. I feel like this trend is a take on the cold shoulder style that was all the rage a few years ago. This trend can be tough to pull off if you prefer the coverage of a regular bra; so many of the cut outs require a strapless version.

Dresses with cut outs are all over the place! If you have the mid section for it (I do not) then this could be just the thing.

Spring Trend – Bright Colors

Bright colors, specifically pink and green are a trend for Spring. These happy colors are everywhere from sweaters to suits. I am crazy about these pretty green pants from Loft! You can incorporate this trend in smaller ways if you aren’t ready to go head to toe in it; think accessories like earrings, shoes, bags, scarves.

Spring Trend – Mini Skirts

Shorter hemlines are pushing maxis and midis out of the way this year. Again, this doesn’t mean a maxi or a midi is old fashioned or so last year, it just means you’ll see lots of minis. While I am not wearing mini skirts myself, I do like the flounce skirts from Loft. They can be cooler than shorts when the weather heats up.

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Spring Trend – Fitted vs. Oversized

The trend for more fitted clothing may go hand in hand with the fact that the world seems to be feeling a bit more normal than it has in the last two years. The oversized, loungewear/athleisure look is stepping aside in favor of more tailored, fitted pieces. This just means rather than head to toe oversized, you select a fitted piece to work with the oversized one. Many of us have been following that way of thinking for some time so this may be an easy way to feel modern.

This is a great example of how to incorporate this trend with palazzo pants.

Personally, I love a fitted blazer and blouse. Add in a little stretch and I am sold. No one does that better than Chico’s with their no-iron blouses. I have a new one I’ll be sharing soon!

Spring Trend – Trench Coat

Trench coats are classic pieces that really never go out of style. However, this year trench coats in colors and patterns are trending. Nothing will unseat a classic khaki trench, but there are lots of fun colors, patterns, and prints to have fun with this Spring!

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How to Add Trends to Your Wardrobe

Since I’ve been working earnestly to build a wardrobe of good, classic pieces I am committed to keeping my closet 80% classic, basic wardrobe staples and 20% trendy and fun. That means if I have 10 tops for example, 8 of them will be classics and 2 will be trendier pieces. Perhaps something with a cut out? Bright green or pink?

I’ve embarked on this journey after feeling as though I have nothing to wear yet a closet overflowing with clothes. For me, my brain tends to work better with fewer distractions and that was what had been happening when I opened my closet doors. 2022 has been about buying fewer but better pieces, even if that means I’m spending a bit more per item. I’d rather have quality over quantity. You can check out my posts about packing, and closet staples to see where I’m headed and how it’s working!


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