Spring Shoes

Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with those fabulous women at The Blended Blog to talk shoes.  Spring shoes specifically (say it 3 times fast).  If you have been following me for longer than a minute you won’t be the least bit surprised by my picks!

Here’s the thing: I have always been a high heel girl! I have had big feet all my life and that made it very easy to find “grown up” shoes when I was still in fact growing up.  I also have an older sister so I was always in a hurry to grow up  and now all I want to do is stay young! #irony

See? This is me in 6th grade wearing a pair of blue wedges that I loved! And who can patrol the school while wearing high heels? Me. That’s who! I am laughing a little at the way I cuffed my jeans – ha!

Over the years I have learned my lesson though. I can no longer wear shoes with any kind of pointy toe and the toe box needs to be roomy with lots of cushion on the footbed. That my friends is a tall order so I am super pleased to share with you the shoes that have given me happy feet this Spring!

You are probably tired of hearing me talk about these but I just can’t. It’s like a public service announcement for your feet. I loved my first pair so much I now own them in melon and natural! The best news?  Right now they are an extra 30% off with code FRIEND making them the low price of $48.99 – whoa!!!

I think the main reason these work so well for me is the the instep isn’t too high, the platform is high yes but there isn’t much of a difference in the area between the ball of my foot and the arch, does that make sense? Anyhow, the result is less pressure on the ball of my foot.
Another pair I reach for over and over again are these wedges from Nordstrom. The brand is called “Off The Beaten Path” or OTBP. They are very comfortable, I used to wear them to school all day long and they never gave me a minute of discomfort.

Get that cute romper here.
Last week I shared with you these classic pumps that were gifted to me from Calla Shoes. The leather on these babies is so super soft. I am thrilled to finally have a par of classic pumps that don’t hurt!
That is really it when it comes to my picks for Spring shoes. Heels are more comfortable on my feet than flats – unless we’re talking Vionics. Last year I had terrible foot pain and Vionics were recommended to me by my podiatrist. I wore the same flat shoes for months because they were the only thing that worked. Finally the area of my foot that was causing the pain got better and now I can branch out a bit. This was me last year, wearing these shoes every single day!
I have quite a few different shoes I wear from time to time but today I wanted to share the ones I reach for over and over again. They are actually more comfortable than tennis shoes (you may find that hard to believe but it’s true).
So which shoes do you reach for when the weather warms up? I’d love to know! I’d also love it if you’d stay in touch with me and sign up to follow me by email so you never miss a post!
Thanks so much for stopping by friends!

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