Spring Ready with Ageless Style

Welcome to this month’s edition of Ageless Style!  Shelly chose our theme this month and it’s all about spring!  Truth be told I feel like in Florida we really only have 2 seasons, spring and summer because our winter feels much more like everyone else’s spring. When I think spring I think of pastel and bright colors, shorts, kimonos, and sandals too. But for this Florida gal it’s also a final call for white denim and long sleeve tops and shirts I haven’t yet worn. In the blink of an eye it will be too warm for them.

Think I’m kidding? This Thursday the temps will be 87 degrees.  See what I mean? So I am spring ready almost all the time! One thing I become more diligent about when it looks like the cold fronts become fewer and far between is my self tanning game. It’s a year round routine for me but I only use it on my upper body when it’s cool and include my legs once it warms.  I have discussed my love of self tanners in the past but this year I found a new love and it’s a game changer for me. A few weeks ago Lisa, Andrea, and I were discussing Loving Tan. I had just ordered Fake Bake but after using it I let them know it wasn’t worth the money. It was just okay for me but so many other bloggers sang its praises so it was worth a shot. So Lisa and I ordered Loving Tan from Ulta.  It is amazing! Here’s what I love about Loving Tan:

  • it dries in minutes – honestly, I can get dressed without waiting – I have NEVER used anything that dries so quickly
  • no scent whatsoever – I can easily forget I put it on!
  • you can see where you put it on thanks to the color guide
  • the color develops within 2 hours!
  • the best color develops – no orange just a deep, dark tan!
  • no transfer – seriously, it does not transfer to my clothing

The only con I could think of is the price – it costs more than drugstore brands but it is cheaper than a spray tan and worth it to me. Have you tried it?Gingham + White Denim

Once the skin looks good it’s time to wear all the fun spring clothes! You’ve seen my new sandals – and guess what they also come in a great leopard print.  I love white denim and wearing it with my new gingham shirt in pretty spring colors!

Pastel Gingham Shirt

Boho Cuff || Bracelet || Bracelet

This shirt, in a different color, was part of the Prime Wardrobe Box I ordered in January. The thing about Prime Wardrobe is that not every colorway is available as part of the program. So in this case, the shirt in black and white gingham was part of Prime Wardrobe so I ordered it to see if I liked the fit. I did so I returned the black and white and purchased this one!Pastel Gingham Shirt + White Denim

It’s great with white denim but also blue denim, my pink chinos, and of course shorts! Take a look!

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