Spring Outfit for 3 Climates

When we think of Spring, and more specifically Spring outfits, it’s not a one look fits all. Spring in different parts of the country most certainly means different temperatures. I thought it might be nice to share a Spring outfit for 3 climates that is essentially the same idea but tweaked for your weather. It occurred to me that many of the outfits I share may not be weather appropriate for everyone. Hopefully, this will help you to think of how you can use the ideas you see here and make them work for your particular environment.

Spring Outfit for 3 Climates

How I arrived at 3 climate is honestly just happenstance. Living in FL, it’s hot – I cannot imagine it being hotter than here since we have had temps in the 90s. So the Spring outfits I wear would certainly require some modifications if you lived up north. For the purposes of today’s post let’s think hot, cooler, and cold – m’kay?

The outfit formula is fairly simple – bottoms, a top, and shoes. In some cases adding a third layer will be necessary and in others (like the hot climate) it won’t be practical. The addition of a 3rd layer is always something I try to do – I think it instantly elevates a look. Whenever possible I go for it.

Spring Outfit – Hot Climate

Spring outfit - hot climate
button up + white shorts

This is an outfit I originally shared here. Pretty standard fare for me. White shorts, blue button up, nude shoes and simple jewelry. The color combo is so Spring to me and I think it’s one that is easily adaptable to other climates.

Spring Outfit – Cooler Climate

By cooler climate, I am thinking of temps in the 60’s and 70’s – and no snow! After a long Winter of bundling up, you are ready for light weight jackets and sweaters. You find yourself layering up because it’s much cooler in the morning but warmer as the day goes on.

Keeping with the same color scheme, I selected white denim, a blue button up, platform sneakers, and a sweater blazer. I have admired these sweater blazers for some time but don’t think I’d get much wear out of one here in FL. I think this cozy, casual Spring look is so chic!

Spring outfit ideas
white denim + sneakers + sweater blazer + button up shirt

Spring Outfit – Cold Climate

If you live in a place where it’s not unusual to have snow this time of year, then in my opinion, you live in a cold climate. Oh sure, a heat wave may have made an appearance but you are expecting your normal temperatures to return. I’m thinking of the New England area. If you live in a cold climate you are wearing jackets and sweaters on the regular and you own a Spring coat!

With a few tweaks the look from above is transformed for cold weather. The trench coat is essential as is a silk scarf – it adds a little warmth and a whole lot of style. I love the ecru colored lug sole – it’s lightweight but will protect your feet from the elements.

Spring outfit ideas
white denim + trench coat + lightweight sweater +lug sole boots + silk scarf


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Final Thoughts

So, how’d I do? Would one of these outfits work for Spring where you live? I’d love your feedback!

Thanks so much for dropping by today – April 9 marked 7 years since I started blogging. You might be surprised to know that this blog started out as a 2 person operation. Go back and read the very first post here! It appears the pictures from the post disappeared. Kind of funny since so did my partner – ha! If I only knew then what I know now…

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