So A Woman Walks Into Old Navy And…

Don’t you just love a good joke?  I always do and I love joking about the events of my life.  While what I’m sharing today isn’t necessarily funny in that you’re gonna roll on the ground with laughter, I thought the title was clever and slightly more entertaining than “Old Navy Haul” which in truth I’ve probably used before. So a woman walks into Old Navy to buy her a son a swim suit and leaves with a bunch of stuff for herself! Yep, the woman is me and this is in fact a true story #cuedramaticmusic.

It all started when my sweet friend, Nicole, offered me some Old Navy Cash.  My younger son has grown a ton this last year so I asked him if he needed a new swim suit (is that what men call them?) and he said yes.  Fabulous! ON Cash in hand I’m going in for one thing and one thing only! This is also the part of the story that I’m thinking who in the world sends someone else to buy a swim suit for them? Can you imagine? 

My mistake was veering right rather than left once I entered the store.  The cutest chino pixie pants in pale pink were calling out to me.  Ok, I’ll try them on just out of curiosity.  Oh and then there was the black high neck tank top.  It was 20% off and I needed a new black tank #likeIneedaholeinmyhead.  On the way to the fitting room, darn it all, there were the cutest gingham sleep shorts.  Have I told you before I sleep in these almost every night?  So dang cute.
I love the pants because they are a higher rise than the pink denim I wear all the time. My old ones are fine for flowy tops but with a more fitted top the high rise holds everything in!Speaking of holding things in, I like this tank because it comes up higher under the arms and again – holds everything in. I’m wearing my new necklace (under $20). Geometric shapes are all the rage this season and this is a nice and inexpensive way to incorporate the trend. I threw on my new peplum jacket because I absolutely love it! It’s also available in plus sizes here. My favorite platform wedge espadrilles are so comfortable and on SALE!!! In fact I love them so much I ordered them in another color. Something else you probably noticed is my Kendra Scott cuff bracelet. It literally goes with everything and I’ve worn it everyday! I shared how I got it here.
The good news is that I did also manage to pick up the swim suit for my son. Mission accomplished. This is a lot like what happens when I go into Target for cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are near cosmetics and toiletries so I end up there. That section flows right into laundry detergent. Laundry detergent cleans CLOTHES! So then I start thinking about clothes and have to go there too. It’s maddening! The only time I have a snowballs chance in you-know-where of making it out with what’s on my list is if I bring my husband. Have you ever read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? Yeah, that’s pretty much the story of my life. Enough of that, let’s get back to business.

Old Navy has some of the cutest pieces right now for Spring and Summer. I think this tee would be awesome for Cinco de Mayo! And because I have yet to learn my lesson I am still loving these . If you’re looking for a subtle camo print then these may be just what you’re looking for. Remember how my sweet friend Jodie styled hers here? Genius. I’ll be copying that action soon!

So that’s what happens when I walk into a store to get one thing and end up with a few things for myself. Are you like that too? I know I’m not alone, women who read blogs and blog themselves are my people. I look at it as doing my part to stimulate the economy.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I am beyond thrilled you’re here and I hope you got a little inspiration or at least a little entertainment. If you haven’t already, please follow me by email so you never miss a post!

You have all the power you need to make today a great one so do it!

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